New guy with dumb questions

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New guy with dumb questions

Post by geeman » Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:46 am

:roll: Excuse my ignorance; but what does, '5 rounds for time' and 'for time' mean.

Also. I started out doing chest and triceps ( push-ups and dips ) and back and biceps, (pull-ups and chin-ups) alternately every second day 3 days a week mon-wed-fri. aiming for 4 sets of 8 to 12 of each.

I can't do dips now as I don't have the bars.

I changed the pull-ups to 5 sets of 5 which I can just do, but with adding in the other excercises and time thingies; what level do ya reckon I should start at.

P.s I'm training for strength and don't want to lose weight.

I'm lost at the moment coz I'm out of my routine. That's what brought me to this site. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: New guy with dumb questions

Post by zorg » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:13 am

geeman wrote::roll: Excuse my ignorance; but what does, '5 rounds for time' and 'for time' mean.
simplefit main page wrote:Day 2 (strength) - "5 rounds for time:"
2 pull-ups
6 push-ups
10 squats

Do 2 pull-ups, then 6 push-ups, and finally 10 squats to complete one round. See how quickly you can complete each of the 5 rounds, resting approximately 3 minutes between each round. Do not count the rest time in your total time.
Basically, you do each round as fast as possible (but with good form), and take 3 minutes rest. Ater five rounds, add up the time working out, that's your total.
simplefit main page wrote:Day 3 (judgement) - "for time:"
10 pull-ups
21 push-ups
21 squats

Do 10 pull-ups, then 21 push-ups, then 21 squats as quickly as you can counting any rest time taken. Stay 1-2 repititions below failure, and do not train to failure.
First do the pull-ups, then the push-ups, then the squats.
what level do ya reckon I should start at.
There's no harm in being cautious. Just start at a low level, where you're sure you can do the workouts as described. If your day 3 time is under 5 minutes, you can go up a level. That's far more motivating than starting out too high, and having to level down.
I'd try to stick to the program as written for the start.
P.s I'm training for strength and don't want to lose weight.
If you do simplefit, you will most certainly gain strength... no one can do Level 8 and not be strong as hell.
If you want more dedicated strength training, you could have a look at "Starting Strength", by Mark Rippetoe. It's pretty good (to say the least).

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Post by volleyball_man » Wed Dec 17, 2008 9:33 am

Zorg is correct.

You can certainly take a stab at D3 on a level at which you think you could beat 5 minutes and test it, then adjust from there.

Welcome and have fun!

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Post by Bri3626 » Wed Dec 17, 2008 6:45 pm

You can also try a 20 lbs. weight vest for day 2. I found this to be very helpful in getting my strength up quickly. When I first started without the vest I found my Day 2 seemed to be a bit easier than 1 and 3. The vest really added to the difficulty.

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