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The science behind the rest week

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:40 pm
by visionteacher
Hey gang, so tonight over dinner Mike, Melissa, and I were discussing the rest week. We're all 3 looking forward to it, and I know, somewhere in the piles of research I've read, I've seen something about rest, but wanted to know if you could point me toward some data on it. Everything else Kevin has put into this simplefit program had science behind it, so I know its there. Thanks for any thoughts you have regarding the rest week topic.


Re: The science behind the rest week

Posted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:22 am
by visionteacher
Alright, went googling this morning and found some cool information. Here's the link: ... kouts.html

Its got some interesting study results written in there, its pretty easily read too. I thought the strength gains between the two sets of people one using periodization and one not was pretty impressive. 27% gain over just 6%?? Talk about time better spent by resting :-) The other thing that was pretty impressive were the strength gains by various level of athlete, which would explain why Cheapo has been at level 7 for awhile.

"Various studies have found that muscle strength increases by approximately 40% in untrained individuals, 20% in the moderately trained, 16% in trained, 10% in advanced and just 2% in elite level athletes over periods ranging from 4 weeks to 2 years."