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Good articles

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I decided t lose the news portion of the site and consolidate all the good articles here. ... med_DocSum
intermittent fasting resulted in beneficial effects that met or exceeded those of caloric restriction including reduced serum glucose and insulin levels and increased resistance of neurons in the brain to excitotoxic stress ... med_DocSum
(IF; reduced meal frequency) and caloric restriction (CR) extend lifespan and increase resistance to age-related diseases ... wn_index_2
Hope for a fountain of youth may spring eternal, but these days it is surprisingly active among the ranks of highly educated and even scientifically trained professionals -- despite what experts say is a lack of compelling clinical evidence for any particular treatment. ... t=Abstract
adequate high-intensity intermittent training may improve both anaerobic and aerobic energy supplying systems significantly ... t=Abstract
The purpose of this study was to examine 1) the effect of two exercise intensities of equal caloric output on the magnitude (kcal) and duration of excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and 2) the effect of exercise of equal intensity but varying duration on EPOC. ... topstories
Exercise builds new brain cells in a region linked with memory and memory loss • Mice grew new cells in area known to be affected in age-related memory decline • MRIs showed similar cell growth in human brains after exercise ... t=Abstract
Effect of postexercise carbohydrate supplementation on glucose uptake-associated gene expression in the human skeletal muscle.

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