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Book Review-No White at Night

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:40 pm
by stizzorm
Hi, simplefitters!
This is my first book review here. I recently purchase the book [/i]No White At Night: The Three-Rule Diet by Bill Gavin, M.D. The premise of the book is that we eat too much (true!) and that we eat too many starches (true, for me anyway). THis has contributed to making many of us fat and sick. Dr. Gavin has simplified a few of his favorite diets so that they can be followed by anyone.
His recommendations:
"1. Three meals a day. 2. Protein at every meal. 3. No white food at night (Gavin, 2004)" By this, he means starchy foods, specifically.
These recommendations are accompanied by an interesting pair of guidelines, "1. If you're tired after you eat, you had too many starchy carbs. 2. If you're hungry within an hour or two, you didn't have enough protein" (Gavin, 2004)."
I think this diet represents a good system of workable compromises for a lot of people. There are other ways of modifying the diet that include further carb restriction, etc. I really like the way the diet allows for feedback. I also like that Gavin doesn't insist on weighing and measuring food. THere is also a focus on maintenance, which I've only seen in one other book, Reinhard Engels' No S Diet. Another plus is that Dr. Gavin lays out the simple truth that it's practically impossible to out-exercise a bad diet. My main problem with the book is the exercise chapter, which recommends steady-state cardio-only exercise, while not even mentioning anaerobic training. To me, this is a glaring omission, given the direct and indirect benefits of anaerobic training. Oh well.

Overall, I think this book is excellent in that it is simple and sustainable in its approach. My only caveat is that I would recommend a more balanced exercise program that includes maximal strength training, repetition strength training, and endurance training.

oh well

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:55 am
by stizzorm
Anyway, the reason I posted the review was that I saw an older thread in which Kevin mentioned that perhaps the simplefit recommended diet was too severe for mass appeal. This thread was kind of in response to that, but I guess it wasn't a very interesting thing. I like the paleo thing, myself.

Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:36 pm
by Admin
Its good info, sounds a lot like the zone, I think it all comes down to managing refined carbs.