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Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:29 am
by Neilfenstein
I have been doing simplefit for a little more than 8 weeks so far and I like it a lot, it is so difficult not to do the work outs as it is such a short period of time I have felt like not doing it a few times and thought 'man! that would be lazy'.

I can feel the benefits in my posture and shape but I think that most of the benefits are heavily masked by the layer of fat I am carrying around. Not just in looks but I am struggling with pull ups still and this is my main reason for this post. I feel that if I were a bit lighter I may be able to get really moving on this work out regime and do some real good for myself.

So, any way here is how the last month has gone:-

I have switched my diet to be more healthy but mainly just focused better quality and on lower calories overall. The evening meals are similar in structure to the nutrition page on this site. But, other meals I eat are less structured sandwiches at lunch etc. I have not had regular caffeine though for the same time and try to avoid diet drinks all the time I can.

My problem is mainly my workplace. I find it difficult to eat well while there especially when attempting to control calories as a lot of what they sell does not have a calorie count etc.

Recently I have been thinking about IF and have read a lot of the links posted on here, but, I am afraid I have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

Am I right in thinking that you can pretty much eat your normal in take but only in a small window of time? i.e. skip breakfast, eat lunch and then dinner a little earlier.
So with my current healthier diet I should be able to just skip breakfast and I will benefit. It is an interesting concept because the last time I skipped breakfast for any decent period of time I was probably not eating very healthy for the rest of my meals.

Have I got it all wrong? Is there more to it? Is there any tips you have? I have read part 1 of the IF LIFE (or the one you get by email) are there any other resources that focus more on the food you should eat etc?

If I am right I am interested as I would not have a problem organising my eating of a reasonable lunch and my dinners are pretty healthy. I have a problem eating a healthy lunch and breakfast and dinner when sticking to reduced calories count.

Many Thanks in advance.

Neil :)

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:34 am
by Admin
This is a good resource

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:07 pm
by Neilfenstein
I have been looking around a bit more and see that a lot of people go paleo (which what I believe is grain and dairy free). Is this correct? I doubt I could do this having to eat at work. I may be able to eat salad/ tuna or cold meats. But I think I would get really hungry. Can I eat Bread like brown baguettes?
I dont really see a way forward with IF without the ability to allow some bread/grains.

Problem is, I have to find something to eat at work and also eat with my girlfriend in the evening who would not want to stop these items. I have cut back and made the focus more towards salad, vegetables etc but if the only way I can follow these diets/lifestyles properly is to cut grains/dairy out I will have to just do the best I can to keep my diet good and keep it at that.

Dont get me wrong, I have noticed benefits while doing the work outs and eating healthier.
If I could do more with IF etc to help my workouts I would definately have a go!!