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about me

Post by curlysue35 » Fri May 04, 2007 5:12 pm

I am 19, 5'4'', and anywhere from 125lb to 135lb. usually around 130lb.

I work at a gym and heard about simplefit there. A guy on staff is getting everyone crazy about crossfit, but I didn't feel like I was quite up to that challenge yet, so he hooked me up with simplefit. On paper, simplefit looks like a breeze, however once I got into the workout, I thought I was going to kill over at any moment. :? I love it how I have to push myself. It's a lot more motivating than just simply going to the gym and doing a few exercises and then leaving without pushing myself at all and barely breaking a sweat. I KNOW that I will see results if I am consistent with this. At the moment, I can not do an unassisted pull-up, so that is one of my goals. I want to be strong, lean, and tone. :lol:

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Great to have your here!

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