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Squat sub?

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:13 am
by khalido
I've been doing simplefit only for about 3-4 months now, seen noticable gains, reached Level 4 now.

The reason for this post is that I've hurt my knee, can't even do air squats!
What is a good squat sub, which doesn't use the knees?

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:32 am
by Admin
try core... crunches, leg lifts, evil wheel, or plank are all good.

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:02 pm
by volleyball_man
add to that list - abmat situps from reclined cobbler's pose, knees to elbows.

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:25 am
by khalido
Thanks for the quick replies.. I did crunches in place of squats.

On Level 4 Day 1, I did 10 crunches instead of 6 squats - is that fine, or should I do about 2x the number of squats?

Also, I've been moving up levels once I got day 2/3 to around 10 min - just read somewhere on the forum that I should move up once I hit 5 min for day 3.

Should I drop down to level 2 or 1 to get down to 5 mins for level 2/3? That seems a bit too fast!

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 7:51 am
by volleyball_man
Scale down if D3 takes longer than 30 minutes.