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im new to this...

Postby cparker19 » Fri May 22, 2009 4:06 pm

Ok im on the 3rd week of doing simplefit and i just want to make sure i am doing this right... I actually started doing the advanced body workouts and i was also wondering if that is just as good as the regular workouts if not better as in burning fat... The reason I chose to do the advanced is because i can do all the workouts on there maybe not as easy but im definatly doing them better than I was the 1st week. Im actually doing level 7 but instead of doing 6 reps of everything Im doing 7. 1st of all I was wondering if every exercise do I have to complete the 7 reps consistantly or am I allowed to take a few second breather between reps sometimes... as in when I get to round 4-5 i can do 4 pullups but have to let go and breath then hop back up to do the next 3. Also i don't really time my exercise but i know I do each round below 1min 45sec then wait around 3 min for break in between sets. I really dont have alot of time to go running during the day so I do jumping jacks for about 3 min as fast as i can before and after the workout and after the workout i add 25 pushups and about 4x25 reps of different ab workouts(each set is a different exercise). Just alittle about me im 19 years old 6ft2in and around 195lbs. I dont really kno how to measure body fat or any of that. My goal is to get back into shape because im planning on joining the military and I'm trying to loose this beer belly im starting to get. Anyways I appreciate the help whenever I get it.
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