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Day 2 Heart Rate

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:28 pm
by KTG
It seems to me there have been some issues about the rest time on day 2.

I started out with just casual rests--well below 3 minutes, and just including the rest time in my total time.

Then I started doing more disciplined 2 minute rests, not including the time. (I'm just impatient about sitting out the whole 3 minutes).

It seems to me that heart rate should be an indicator of the optimal rest time.

I did day 3 wearing my heart rate strap with the following results:

resting: 60
after first round: 130
after 2min rest: 70
after second round: 143
after 2min rest: 78
after third round: 144
after 2 min rest: 84
after fourth round: 145
after 2 min rest: 86
after fifth round: 152
after 2 min rest: 89

My max heart rate is probably about 172. Most of the rounds take me 1:11-1:15.

Any thoughts? What approach would you take here?