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Going off caffeine

Post by Scott » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:57 am

Starting today, I'm going to quit drinking caffeinated beverages again. I've done so several times in the past, and the withdrawal has been hellish each time, but I end up back on. This last time, I was on an "on call" schedule for over six months and found myself compensating for my intermittent sleep schedule and general fatigue by slurping down the caffeine.

Now my professional life allows me a healthy sleep schedule, but I'm firmly re-addicted -- I drink an unhealthy amount of Tab, unsweetened green tea, sugar-free Red Bull, and Diet Cheerwine, to the point where a caffeine headache is setting in by the time I wake up each morning. On active days, it's not uncommon for me to drink a 12-pack of Tab.

I'm spending too much money on soda, and I'm scared that my heart is going to blow a crater out of my chest, or that my bladder is going to fire out of my wang and fly hissing around the room like a runaway balloon. I also don't like being a slave to a non-essential substance.

Today I'm going down to six diet sodas a day and will gradually taper from there. Once I'm down to two a day, I'll likely go cold turkey and just ride out the headaches for a few days.

Anyway, wish me luck!

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Post by Admin » Wed Jul 04, 2007 7:15 am

Might want to consider allowing yourself the green tea.
Lower level of caffeine
many healthy properties

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