Level 1 Pullups

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Level 1 Pullups

Post by cmpitre » Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:07 am

So this is my first week with Simplefit.
My day 1 Level 1 Workout was amazing. I was sore and worn out. Day 2 I broke a sweat but it was only minimal. Day 3 not really sweating and not really tired.
Question 1: Should I be doing something else or is this just doing simple fit fine?

I cannot do a pullup which is one of the reasons I picked this program, it will help me get to the point where I can do multiple pullups.

Question 2: I finished day 3 level 1 in 4 mins 30 seconds (doing 2 types of modified pullups, 1. I would start halfway, pul myself up then let myself down to the halfway mark 2 of these would equal 1 pull up. 2. I would jump up and hold myself at top of pullup bar for 2 seconds the let myself down to a 4 count 3 of these would equal 1 pull up). Eventhough I cannot do a pullup should I move on the level 2 being that I got level 1 day 3 in under 5 mins?

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