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FunWithAGuns' Log

Post by FunWithAGun » Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:17 am

Hi there,

Okay - so here's my log. I hope I remember to update this regularly. :-)

As a test I did the L5D3 yesterday:

My modifications: I do VERY strict (and pretty slow) dead hang chin-ups - no momentum whatsoever. I might need to change this in future to level up... Furthermore I swapped Kettlebell-Swings for the Squats (my knee plays up sometimes). Kettlebell swings only take slightly longer than the squats.

The workout was pretty tough and I need to work on my chin-ups - can't do more than 11 at a time... That's my bottleneck. But I'll keep at it - I will resume the program normally Monday next week and will keep posting here (I will continue at level 5).

I will also try to take a pic so you guys can see my progress.

Dietwise: I am eating healthy (every 2-3 hours) and trying to incorporate more "paleo" stuff as I go along. And exercise-wise: I do some Gym work and as much Kettlebell work as I can without burning myself out. So far, so good :-)

Thanks for listening and cheers,

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Post by cheapo » Tue Sep 02, 2008 6:24 am

Your time is about where mine is, so I'll tell you its a great time! (Especially with dead hang pull-ups!) I have been on L5 for a while. I gather it takes some time to move through it.

How many rounds are you getting on D1?

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Post by FunWithAGun » Fri Sep 05, 2008 1:57 am

Hi there! :-)

Sorry for the late answer, have been busy with work this week.
Thanks for your post and input. I appreciate it :-)

Anyway regarding your question: I will post here on Monday with my D1 stats. I have been working out at the Gym this week so I didn't get to do my simplefit program (too sore... - still!).

Speaking of which...

Tuesday (Gym) workout:
* Warm-up
* 3 x supersets consisting of 12 x 137,5 lbs Squats + 12 x 88 lbs deadlifts - 1-2 minutes rest between sets
* 3 x supersets consisting of max dead-hang chin-ups (did 10, 7, 5) + 8 x bent over dumbbell row (@ 40 lbs per Dumbbell) - 1-2 minutes rest between sets (really feeling my grip now...)
* 3 x supersets consisting of 10 x 132 lbs bench-presses + 8 Dumbbell flies (@ 22 lbs per dumbbell) 1-2 minutes rest between sets
* 3 x 8 Dumbbell snatches to really finish myself off - first right arm, then left (@ 40 lbs dumbbell) - 1-2 minutes rest between sets

All exercises in the supersets done back to back.
Man, I was really fatigued at the end. Similar workout due tomorrow, hehe :-)

Thanks and cheers,

PS: Will post some pics soon.

PPS: Currrent stats are --> 149 lbs, 15% BF (based on my shitty scales - think it might be lower absolute...), 5'5" (not the tallest, hehe ;-)

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