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Bart's log

Postby bart_g » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:30 pm

First post.

I'm trying to use Simplefit as a bridge to Crossfit. Just looking to get
stronger, faster, and more explosive (and lose slight belly)..

I was a bit too enthusiastic and completely mucked up on L1D1. I just
glanced at the workout and ran up to my garage to do it. Instead of doing
1 pullup/2 pushups/3 squats, I did 1 pullup/1pushup/1 squat. I did do
65 rounds if that counts for something.

Today was L1D2 and I made sure to calm down and properly read
the required workout. As rx'd I was able to complete in 2m44s.

I think I can move up a level, but I plan on doing L1 for a month because the pullups need work.
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l1d2 9/5/08

Postby bart_g » Sat Sep 06, 2008 8:26 am

Warmed up with some boxing/open hand strikes to heavy bag and good ol' BOB.

As rx'd, 2m53s. Can't wait to do L1D1 (the correct way :oops: )
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Postby bart_g » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:59 am

Felt good on Sep 8, decided to move to L2D1 since I had a great time on
L1D3. As rx'd, 40 rounds. On the pullups, I pulled something :lol:

Felt this twinge in my right forearm. Then I felt it doing pushups as well. I think I'm going to layoff the pullups for the rest of this week - just to give it some time. It was a very weird sensation. I'll be working on my boxing mainly.

Also I plan on starting the 100 Burpee challenge (ala CF Santa Cruz) on 9/15/08. I'm hoping in the end to be stronger and better able to bang out the pullups. I'll continue doing simplefit as prescribed until about midway when the burpees would be a workout in and of themselves. In which case, I'll either scale back on simplefit (down level or three :) ).

I have to find my notes for Wednesday and Friday to remember what I did exactly.
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