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Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:50 pm
by samjackson
9April2007 L3D1 25 rounds 380 cals maxHR 178 avgHR165

11April2007 3:26 183 cals maxHR 160 avgHR 127

pull ups are all assisted either w/ a stretch band and or jumping pull-up. My plan is to bounce through levels 1-3 until I can do the pull-ups unassisted. I might throw some burpees into the day 1 workout to mix things up.

When I do day 1 I try to keep the spread between my average and max heart rate as small as possible. I think helps me get the most out of that day's workout. At my age, my calculated max HR is 177 bpm.

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 10:43 am
by samjackson
14April2007 L3D3 13:09 / 3 minutes between 4X4 pullups maxHR 177 minHR 112 117 cals

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 5:23 pm
by samjackson
17April2007 L4D1 24 rounds 405 cals maxHR 181 avgHR 173
kept the intensity high. Trying to keep my HR <180BPM w/ avgHR near my calculated max (178BPM). Pull-ups assisted by band or jumping.

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:45 pm
by Admin
Great work

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:58 pm
by samjackson
19April2007 L4D2 8:09 327 cals maxHR 170 AvgHR 151

Performed this workout w/ active 3 minute rest periods ie. I rowed, on my concept2, at a moderate pace during the 3 minute rest period. That really increased the calories burned during this workout as well as the workout intensity and amount of sweat produced. One could add a 300 to 400 meter easy run as a substitute for rowing.

I also did this after a night and day of fasting. Had plenty of energy at 6:45 PM today after having last eaten at 7 PM last evening.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:20 pm
by Admin
Wow you are making great progress!

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 1:07 pm
by samjackson
21April2007 L4De 19:38 242 ncals maxHR176 avgHR 127

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:57 pm
by samjackson
23April2007 L4D1 21 rounds 395 cals maxHR 179 avgHR 169

I didn't really have my heart in it today and the number of completed rounds shows it. 3 less than last monday. Will try to do better next time.

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:38 pm
by Admin
Remember to drop a couple levels at least once a month, also taking a week of can do wonders.

You are doing great!

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:58 am
by samjackson
25Apr2007 L4D2 6:04 294 cals

28Apr2007 L4D3 19:43 216 cals

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:36 pm
by Admin
Just imagine what kind of cals you are burning from epoc.

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 8:03 am
by samjackson

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 11:26 am
by Admin
EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) is defined scientifically as the "recovery of metabolic rate back to pre-exercise levels" and "can require several minutes for light exercise and several hours for hard intervals." ... t=Abstract ... 8572917712 ... ining.html

These workouts can cause metabolic disruption up to 36 hr's post workout depending how hard you hit them.

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 6:48 am
by samjackson
I'm taking this week off from simplefit. Doing two days of physical therapy. Really, I just wanted to move my log to the top :D

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 7:01 am
by Admin
About time, rest is key, you will come back even stronger!