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Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 11:36 pm
by austin
Ohhhhhhh the server's been down. Okay! Well I was going to post this earlier, but oh well.

Advanced L3D2
For time:
10 lunge
10 Push up
10 pull ups (Subbed with chinups)
10 dips
10 l-hang
10 back extensions
10 plank
10 squat
10 hand stand push ups
10 inverted pull ups (Had to sub with Kurpees)

Rode mtnbike 25 minutes to the school, whole WOD took 11:52, Rode 25 minutes back.

I was suprised at myself with the chinups, got 8 in a row. The HSPU's as well, 5 in a row! Then 2, 2, 1. Everything else was pretty much cake. Once I can get all 10 exercises in one set each, (soon hopefully!), I'll either move up a level or I'll sub in rings for everything applicable. Thoughts?

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 9:31 am
by austin
servers been down, havent been able to post! Monday i decided to re hit level 4. L4d1 i shocked myself w a total of 31 rounds. Yesterday was the advanced day. Got

Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 6:08 pm
by austin
austin wrote:servers been down, havent been able to post! Monday i decided to re hit level 4. L4d1 i shocked myself w a total of 31 rounds. Yesterday was the advanced day.
On L4D1, for cardio I had controlled high intensity which meant i rode my bike about as hard as i could for 15 minutes straight. yesterday i hit the l3d2 advanced work. managed 5 pull ups in a row this time, then had to break the rest down. dips i got all in one set for the first time. and for some reason, i could only squeeze out 4 hspu's at once, then had to sub the rest for highly elevated pushups. cardio for yesterday was intervals. which meant i rode my bike for 100 hard pedals (like 85% max effort), then 200 easily= one interval, i did 5.

Posted: Thu May 28, 2009 12:39 am
by austin
LONG fucking night man. Anyways, before all the bullshit, I hit L4D2 and holllllllllyyyyyyyyy shiiiit. I didnt look at the wod until i got to the pull up bars and thought "there's no way, but ill give it a shot". I actually hammered it out! All 5 rounds without flinching, well except the squats. but that's not suprising, i didnt stretch my legs out at all beforehand and i rode today for 'long slow development' which meant i rode for 45 minutes at an easy pace. Time broke down like this:
1) 0:46
2) 1:44
4) 4:29
5) 5:57

Again, im still shocked i could get 4 pullups in a row once, let alone 4 more times!

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:05 am
by austin
On thursday 28 may, I hit up the L3D2 advanced day again. It went pretty well. less than 11 minutes this time. I wrote down the split times, but i've lost it since then. I just HATE not having enough time to post my results on here, it makes it sooo unmotivating! Im pretty sure that Im going to go ahead and purchase some rogue rings for the L3D2 advanced days for pushups, dips, and to help develop my hspu's a bit more. Any thoughts?

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:08 am
by austin
Friday 29 May was L4D3. Couldnt believe I did as well as I did.
For time:
20 Pullups
41 Pushups
41 Squats

The pull ups I managed to break down as such: 5 (rest 15 sec), 5 (rest again), 5 (rest), then 3, and 2.
The pushups were in one, easy set. as were the squats.

Total time was just under 12 minutes. Its nice for a D3 to take over 10 minutes finally lol.

Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:26 pm
by austin
3 Pullups
5 Pushups
8 Squats
Max rds in 20 Minutes: 25 Rounds

Cardio: 15 Minute bike in, 25 Minute Bike back.

Had to skip this on monday, didnt sleep much on sunday.

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:59 am
by volleyball_man
Awesome work!

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:33 pm
by austin
Well thank you kindly, sir! Really means a lot from a SF vet like yourself. Tonite I went with L5D2 5 rounds for time of:
5 Pullups
15 Pushups
26 Squats

Really was intimidated by this one on paper, for the pullups only. At least that was until I went thru the first couple rounds. I was shocked at how much more difficult the pushups and squats were because of the added reps! Looks like Im starting to reach my threshold for push ups and squats! Reached my threshold for pullups several levels ago haha. My blisters have blisters.

Time splits were:
1) 0:57
2) 2:13
3) 3:46
4) 5:35
5) 7:36

Phew my shoulders and chest hurt!
5 Minute bike in, 10 minute bike out.

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:36 pm
by austin
Skipping today's L3D2 Advanced wod guys, sorry. Worked on a bottling line for 8 hours, literally 8 hours of squatting 36 lb boxes from the ground to an upright, arms extended position. That blister I had ontop of the older blister broke, too. I dont think i could lift this laptop over my head. So im taking today to heal.

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:11 pm
by austin
Oh yeah, decided to start trying to record my WODS whenever I can with my laptop. Im working on getting it to embed, but in the for now that's the link. leave comments on here or on there, maybe just identify yourself if you do on there? enjoy!

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:23 pm
by Ruli
nice workout austin.
you don't seem to rest between rounds though. aren't you supposed to rest about 3min's between rounds on D2?

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 12:50 am
by austin
Thank you! You know, I really dont know lol. I know my very first attempts through this program, i was WAY off on my d3's. I made a mistake and kept making it until corrected by zorg and vbm (thanks, btw guys!) that would have really messed up my training. As far as rests, timed and untimed, ive kind of figured that if my times under 10 minutes including rest, then that seems to be fine. Im pretty sure that at this point, Im just now for the first time starting to get floored by the training (a good thing!), so if I feel I need a rest to recover and the training allows it, I will. But if not, meh.

P.S. im just now editing the vid a tiny bit to add some basic captions of the rep counts, round times etc. Let me know what you think? Thanks for watching!

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:48 pm
by austin
Level 5 Day 3. For Time: 26 Pullups, 51 push ups, 51 squats. I wanted to do the pullups in reps of 6,6,6,6,2. But it didnt work that way, as you can see. I wanted to do the push ups in reps of 30 then 21, again tho, didnt work lol. Same with squats. Im not disappointed necessarily in my results, but this is probably the first time I havent reached my rep goals in simplefit. Dammit. Total time: 7:53. Happy with the time though.

If you're taking a look at this vid soon, check back with it later tonight and/or tomorrow, Im going to be editing and tweaking it like I did with L5D2's but hopefully cooler.

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:52 am
by volleyball_man
Awesome work Austin!

I pm'd you.