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Post by DonQuijote » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:36 pm

austin wrote:then I got nailed in the left testical with a big rock by my gf (she claims she was trying to hit my stomach).
When I read that the first time I thought you actually got a nail in the testicle (must be a language thing, we Brits don't really use 'nail' for getting hit, 'lamped' works well though...) and was admiring your dedication for taking the time to tell us!

Hope "ol' lefty" is feeling better.

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Post by Ruli » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:57 am

this read gave me quite a chuckle!!!!
thanx austin.


Post by austin » Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:53 pm

Im not dead guys. Just really, really lazy. Orientation for the new job is tomorrow. Quit the job at the winery last thursday. Been fretting about the switch and the impending move required. No excuses tho. I'll be hammering out L4D1 tomorrow with a slight chance of cardio. Count on it.


Post by austin » Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:07 am

AAAAAAAAAAnd Im back! Sort of. Late night meal last night turned into me chugging almost a whole 2 liter Dr Pepper. Why would they make it so delicious and go down so smooth, if they DIDNT want you to chug the whole thing at once? Anyways, so needless to say I didnt sleep at all. Spent the night trolling the internet, fixing my mtn bike, and planning my triumphant return to SF!

So this morning when I finally gave up trying to sleep (around 7am), I decided I wanted to assess the damage I've done by not doing anything. Couldnt think of how I wanted to go about it at first. Thought about trying L4D1, but with the lack of cardio in the last month, and the lack of sleep, I figured I shouldnt quite yet. Besides, I didnt think I can muster the 4 strict pull ups in a row right off the bat. So I decided I'd go with L1D1 medium.

5 Rounds for time:
1 Pull up (strict)
1 Handstand Push up (assisted or not)
1 One-legged Squat

Pull ups came moderately easy, made sure to get the full ROM and get the bar to about my adam's apple.

Handstand Pushups I surprised myself a bit. Last I checked, I couldnt do 2 in a row. This time, I had no problem cranking out 5 (1 at a time per round, of course). I suppose that's not technically a PR, but Im happy about it and especially proud that the only assistance on them I used, was the guidance of the wall behind me purely for balance (I have very little balance!).

One-legged Squats. No assistance, but I did have to do it with one leg crossing over the other leg's knee. Every time I've seen them done on CF, I've seen them doing them with their nonworking legs straight in front, knee locked. To be honest Im A) not flexible enough for that in the working leg, the balancing tendons feel like they're overloading (IM BACK UP TO 230LBS!), and B) Dont have the balance for that elsewhere (i.e. ankles, again 230LBS!). So those need work as well.

TOTAL TIME: 5:35 (meh)
Figured I'd keep on this level for another week regardless of times. My HSPU's need serious work. My balance in all exercises need real work as well.

Ive figured that Im going to run Mediums on the days between my beginner days. Mediums dont seem impossibly hard, and they practice the other CF exercises I need a LOT of work in as well as strict pull ups, push ups (Im using rings whenever possible), and body squats. Since I believe that these Med WODS are going to take less than <5-<10 minutes per wod, I'll try some kipping and burpee challenges on those days as well.

Starting cardio tomorrow as well as L4D1, tomorrows my Monday at the new job! Tho I really dont know how Im going to split it up ie cardio in mornings, sf at night?

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Post by austin » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:13 pm

Well....Im here with results. Decided to go ahead and drop a level to L3. Technically, with my new work schedule, today is my wednesday. So I gave L3D1 a shot.
5 Rds for time:
3 Pull ups
10 Push ups (Rings)
16 Squats

Time: 15:06

I know, "WTF?!" were my thoughts as well. Think I might take a rest until my 'friday', which should be on tuesday; at which point im also thinking of dropping ANOTHER level down to L2. *Sigh*, Im very disappointed at my lapse in strength.

I also ate 2 fucking rice flies on my bike ride to the school. I kept almost vomiting.


Post by austin » Fri Aug 21, 2009 8:37 pm


Max rds in 20 minutes:
2 Pull ups
3 Push ups (rings)
5 Squats

Total: 21 (Yeah, weak!)

Dont really know what happened here. Felt steadily gassed. Just couldnt get much speed up, probably due to the lack of physical activity. The new job requires a LOT less physical labor (tho it pays more (: ). Thinking of trying the SF tabata run tonight. Nah, its too late (10pm, leave for work by 7am).

Pull Ups started losing form on the last couple sets.

Ring push ups were surprisingly easy

Squats went by in a breeze.

Thinking of trying the intmdt L1D1 sets tomorrow and maybe those 100 Pushups, 200 squats, 200 sit ups programs; starting low and easy. Think that would be crazy overtraining or what guys?


Post by austin » Fri Aug 28, 2009 8:39 pm

Friday (My monday) 28 Aug 09

Max Rds in 20 minutes:
1 Pullup (Used a bar suspended from rafters with rogue ring straps*)
3 Ring Push ups
4 Squats

Total rounds: 29

Finally, something good to write.

Anyone have any tips on how to develop strength for the uppermost part of pull ups (i cant ascend much past my nose consistently, tho i can with chin ups with ease?!)? My form is only suffering in that last part of the pull up.

*So I was desperately searching for a way to mount a pull up bar in the garage, couldnt find enough room to do it from a wall. garage is used too much to actually attach one from the ceiling or rafters. Hung up my rogue rings in prep, then i realized i had my answer. I shifted the buckle for the straps about arms overhead reach, tied a knot just above the buckles on both, slid a metal bar in, EUREKA! The knot didnt have to be crazy tight, because they'd have to slip over the buckles to slip at all, which wouldnt happen. The material the straps are made of are just perfect for this too, they actually grip the metal bar pretty well so the bar doesnt roll on you too much as you're ascending or descending on pull ups. I gotta say, Im a little pissed off that would have the balls to charge another $50+ for a fuckin bar along with the rings that run $80, wtf?!

OH YEAH! Before I lost my warmth from the WOD, I tried out our sf run thing. Felt amazing! Im definately not much of a runner, but Im okay with sprinting in short bursts; something i'd like to work on. 1 Min Sprint followed by 2 min rest x3.

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Post by Ruli » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:12 pm

29 rounds is not bad for D1 austin. it bodes well for a good time on D3.


Post by austin » Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:57 pm

Yes! thank u so much guys for the 10,000 views guys! it really inspired me to try to restart and reprogram. Back at the bottom with L1D1: 32 rds. Pullups had full rom, pushups on rings, squats full form. Accidentally skipped what i planned this morning so i paid my price: 12 reg pushups followed by 1m sprint. then 14 push, 1m sprint, 11 push, 1m sprint, 10 push, 1m sprint, max push of 17 push and 1m sprint. Spent. shower time. more tomorrow x2.

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Post by Norman » Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:21 am

That sprinting/pushups workout must be brutal :!:


Post by austin » Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:06 am

Yeah theyre a blast lol


Post by austin » Tue Sep 29, 2009 7:29 pm

No numbers guys, just a quick update. Im settled into my new place. I think that i've managed to figure out what im going to do schedule and programming-wise. Last problem Im trying to figure out now is where to train. There's a nice elementary school about 2 miles away. Problem is that those two miles are down a narrow, winding, 11% grade road (I am up at 3100 ft above sea level after all). So not sure how much of an option the school is. Tried to walk it the other day, the downhill walk took me 45 minutes, the hike back took an hour and 15, so that's probably not much of a choice. There are plenty of pines around for pull ups, but property lines are dicey, i live in the middle of the marijuana growing capitol of our county (part of the emerald triangle), AND its very near the beginning of harvest time; when the growers begin to get sketchy about anyone around their house.

Just thought I'd say that I havent forgot about you guys or SF, just working out the kinks for consistency. The other day I did a combo of max push ups and uphill 1minute sprints. That was tough. Im officially on a slight diet. Mostly consisting of almonds, oranges, (supposed to have bananas), salad kits, and microwavable burritos lol.

Oh yeah! For those of you that doubt the cardio aspect of this!!: I just got home from a little underground boxing event. A handful of the guys from my work got together to throw what they call 'fight nights', but its just boxing lol. They invited me to compete in one, and my SUPERVISOR told them I'd be there lmao. Not to be one to disappoint, I showed up. The guy I was set up with was a fucking kid! He was 18 (im 23), he was also captain of the local football team and wrestling team. I put my mouthpiece in and laced up. Now, Im NO BOXER at all. Not much of a fighter altogether. But the kid was significantly faster than me, at least as strong as me, but cardiovascularly i was at least equal with him, if not a bit better off. I credit that entirely to the D1's and my sprint maxouts as well. But keep in mind, I've only been patching a couple wods together every week or so for the last month while I've moved, so I know that SF has had a great impact on my strength and cardio. About the match: he won, I lost. He landed a lot more good punches, I believe they all found my nose/mouth (good thing I had that $5 mouthpiece from kmart in!), but at the end of the first 2-min round, he popped me pretty good in my nose and it started dripping blood all over the driveway and gloves, so I tried to clean it up during the 1min break. 2nd round went a little better for me. I have a bad habbit of putting my head down too far when I go to duck, blocking my vision. At one point when I made that mistake, I faked him and got a good straight left and strong right hook straight to his face then head. I had him propped up and leaning back, I knew if I could land one more solid in his jaw-area, I could have k.o'd him. But as he was leaning back, his back was about 2 inches from a low fence that he would have hurt himself on, so I backed down. Just after that, he popped me in the nose again (again, ducking), and my OTHER nostril started bleeding pretty good. They had to call the match because the amount of blood on the ground.

Moral was tho: SF works well for my cardio and strength at least! So Im down and motivated!


Post by austin » Sun Oct 04, 2009 6:18 pm

Hey guys! Still looking for a place for pull ups in my new house! But in the meantime I decided to give some,, and stuff a shot.

Started with push ups. Figured I should start slow, so I placed myself in their week 2 Day 1 Middle column. Push ups in reps of 9, 11, 8, 8, with a max out final round of 12; 60 seconds rest between each round.


Squats I put myself real low in their charts at Week 1 Day 1 Column 2. Reps of 8, 8, 5, 5, with a max out of 20 reps (Couldnt pushed more out, but was getting quad cramps BAD).


Sit Ups Probably tomorrow haha, havent eaten since work now.


Post by austin » Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:05 pm

Non SF-related fitness news. Signed up at a local, very small, gym a couple weeks ago. They offer a corporate price drop for employees of where I work. I just couldnt avoid signing up, its $20/month for gods' sake. Finally went in today. Took me about a week just to figure out the programming Im going to try to run. Tonight I started mark rippetoe's starting strength work out. I went much lighter than I know i can lift on all the lifts, as recommended in his book.

Warmed up with a moderate paced walk. 1 mile in 15 minutes, uphill on treadmill.

Sets x Reps x Weight (in pounds)
2x5xBar (for form)

Press (Standing, overhead)
3x5x90lbs (got pretty hard in the mid of 2nd set, 3rd set's form wasnt too great. but I actually did all the presses for 5 reps because i'd forget I was aiming to do less, so my strength was pretty taxed by the time I got to the 90lb working sets)

Chin Ups (Yay! thank you simplefit!)
1 set to failure (5)
1 set to failure (2)
1 set to failure (3)

Also 15 minutes on exercise bike

Tomorrow is cardio intensive, and SF L1D1 (so long as my free time allows me to (tomorrow's my friday, and the gf is antsy to see me asap))! I cant wait!!!


Post by austin » Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:16 pm

L1D3: 3:01
I passed by SF standards. But the pull ups were 3,3,2,2 which I count as a fail. Anyone have any tips on how to work on the uppermost part of the pull up ascent? Try as I might, I couldnt get above the bar past my nose. I squeezed and squeezed my lats, nothing. Of course, it could have something to do with me being fucking 230 lbs again!

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