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voowee's log

Post by EdgarJerry » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:32 pm

Currently I'm working in these sets with my normal weight lifting routine that isn't all that terrible, probably ~1hour each day.

Week 1:
Fri (3/16: weights
Sat: Level 4 - D1 - 12 rounds
Sun: weights
Tue: L4/D2 - 22minutes
Wed: weights
Thur: L4/D3 - 11 minutes

Day 1: Ouch, like I've said been doing normal weight workouts for quite some time now - but after day 1 I felt like it was the first week of highschool football all over again. Probably because I was squating 90lbs (+45 bar) though, but excellent workout out nonetheless, definitely kept my heart rate up.
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