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Tupperwhere's Work log!!

Post by LoriGlen » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:29 am

19yo 250lbs Male
I weight lift regularly but am looking for a way to burn fat!

L1 D1 41 sets
L1 D2 2:45
L1 D3 1:20

L2 D1 46 sets
L2 D2 2:58
L2 D3 1:23

L3 D1 35 sets
L3 D2 2m 35s
L3 D3 1m 40s

L4 D1 27 sets
L4 D2 3m 35s
L4 D3 2m 45s

L5 D1 25 sets
L5 D2 3m 50s

Body fat: 27%
Bench press Max:315lbs

The burn feels great!
Should this be a supplement to my weight lifting or should I just focus on this?
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Re: Tupperwhere's Work log!!

Post by Jonathan22 » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:13 pm

Beast! Welcome to SF.

I'm sure you'll get different answers to your question, but I see nothing wrong with combining SF with your weight training. I combine SF with my ultramarathon training.

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Re: Tupperwhere's Work log!!

Post by TBB-BBM » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:53 am


Man, it would be great to be 19 again. Those are impressive times on Day 3.

I think you can do SF with a weight lifting program as long as you do SF on the same day as you do the lifting. I do not think it would be overdoing it at all. (Might be a good warm up to any weighted program or a good quick finish off after the weight program).

-However, you state you want to 'burn fat'. From my experience: the main way you 'burn fat' is via what you eat, rather than by additional exercise. I say this having lost almost 90 lbs in the last 2 years...exercise plays a relatively small role in fat loss (in my view).

-If you want to burn fat, cut out the sugar and the processed crap and eat healthy foods like meat, chicken, fish, turkey, plenty of veggies, fruit and nuts (take it easier on the fruits and nuts). The key part is in not eating crappy foods (stay away from pizza, pasta, candy, soda, etc---all that crap is pure poison).

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Re: Tupperwhere's Work log!!

Post by cheapo » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:14 am

TBB-BBM is correct. "You get abs in the kitchen."

That said, the SF workouts (Day 1 especially, but also the other two days) are good fat-burning workouts, not because of the energy consumed during the workouts, but rather, because of the way they elevate your metabolism after the workout.

Rusty at Fitness Black Book has this to say about working out for fat-loss:
How to Tell If Your Fat Loss Workout is the Correct Intensity?

I look for a thing called the "HGH Flush". I forget who coined this term, but this is just an indicator of a good fat loss workout. If your skin is slightly red and hot to the touch and you are out of breath after your workout, then you have achieved the HGH flush. Remember your PE teacher in Junior High making you "run lines" or pushing you until you were out of breath and your skin felt like it was on fire? This is the HGH flush which is an indicator that your metabolism will be increased after your workout and that your body will release a bit more HGH than normal (your body's fat burning hormone).

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