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ClaysterMcGill's Log!

Post by claystermcgill » Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:12 pm

Hello all!

Just started SF last week (D1 on a Friday - a bit odd, I know).

A little about myself: I'm 5'6'', 174 lbs, around 14% BF. Trying to see how lean I can get, but I'm pretty pleased with where I am. Since October of 2009, I've lost 65 lbs. I'm a short, stocky dude with quite a bit of strength and muscle. Trying to get down to 165 lbs!

I've been lifting/working out seriously since October of 2009; before that it was a couple months on, a couple months off. I was a male cheerleader for 5 years in a row, which helped me to stay active - however, I used to treat my body like poop (eating/drinking whatever I wanted, smoking, recreational minor drug use, etc.)

First Week Results!

D1L6: 17 rounds, with the 17th round doing 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 12 squats
D2L6: 13:43
D3L6: 8:09

Looking forward to see what comes and to help spread some encouragement! :D

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Re: ClaysterMcGill's Log!

Post by cheapo » Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:41 am

Welcome aboard. Your Day 3 result is quite good for a first crack at it!

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