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adamncopeland's workout log

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 1:48 am
by adamncopeland
Found this on reddit/r/fitness like a lot of others and was pretty pumped up about trying it.

I'm 29 y/o, approx 175lbs, 6'0'', classic "skinny fat". I haven't seriously exercised in a couple years due to several factors I won't get into, but the prevailing one was that because I stayed skinny I was "fine".

This couldn't be further from the truth as I now feel sluggish, tired, and weak way too often for someone who is my age. The only exercise I get really is lifting music equipment around at gigs. So yeah I have the standard musician's build.

Simplefit seemed like a good place to start because I know that I'm pretty weak and didn't want to embarrass myself in a gym just yet. :o I researched the program and others like it, made some tough decisions about my diet habits (no deep fried, no mayo, lots of cottage cheese and salad, fruits and veggies for snacks), got excited, and ran off to get a chin up bar and some new workout clothes.


14 rounds in 20:00

14 pull-ups
28 push-ups
42 squats

The last few pull ups became very difficult and I had to switch to assisted mode, but I didn't give up. I know that at first the progress will be slow but it feels good to be back in action and I'm looking forward to sticking it out for a long time.

Re: adamncopeland's workout log

Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 8:08 am
by adamncopeland
Ok day 2


5 Rounds in 7:55
10 pullups - half of these were chair assisted. I have a lot of work to do here.
30 pushups - all good except for the last set of 6.
50 squats - no problems here. hauling gear must build strong legs.

I'm not really sure how to get around the hump on the pullups, because it seems like a real gaping hole in my abilities at the moment. I feel like I could do a million chair assisted pull ups and never get to the level of a good clean round of regular ones.

Tell me it gets better?

Re: adamncopeland's workout log

Posted: Mon May 16, 2011 7:29 am
by adamncopeland
Ok fast forward a bit and I'm on week three. Week 1 ended okay:

Week 1:
1 1 14 reps
1 2 7:55
1 3 5:17

I decided to stick to Level 1 for now but I'm seeing definite improvement and feel like I'm finally starting to get over the hump.

Week 2 was very encouraging:

Week 2
1 1 15 reps
1 2 6:05
1 3 4:20

And week 3 has started even better! Barring any unforeseen disaster, next week I'm definitely going up to level 2. I jumped from 15 to 26 on day one without changing the speed of my workouts, just by decreasing the amount of rest.

Week 3
1 1 26 reps

My change in diet has definitely helped and people are actually starting to notice the change in my physique. I feel like simplefit will be part of my routine for a long time to come!