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Re: L5 Week 4

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:06 am
by brmc72
Fantastic! Especially considering your focus on all pull-ups on days 2 and 3...that's considerably tougher than throwing in some sets of chin-ups as an occasional "rest".
KTG wrote:I'm happy to stay on L5 for a while. For now, leveling up isn't as important as getting solid on the big sets (I know, I know, big sets for me. Maybe not so much for you!). When I get L5D1 up to 30 rounds and L5D2 below 5 min with just 1 min breaks I'll turn my focus to smashing L5D3. Ideally I would like to get the push-ups down to just 2 sets
I'm right there with you...I'd like to reduce my sets for each exercise and really feel like I've conquered each day (i.e. fewer breaks, all pull-ups, etc) rather than go nuts trying to beat day 3. I'm impressed with your set sizes for the pull-ups on day 3...not sure I could do that doing all pull-ups. Keep it up!

L5 Week 5

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:09 pm
by KTG
Thanks, brmc. It is interesting how much tougher the pulls are than the chins.

This was a somewhat erratic week:

L5D1 - 23 rounds -- A little off from the previous week, but feeling reasonably solid and consistent at about 50-55 seconds per round.
L5D2 - 5:44 -- About the same as last week. The pull-ups are pretty consistent. Speed improvement will mostly come from getting better at the push-ups. Strict 3 min rests.
L5D3 - 8:32 --OK, I was in a hurry, so already broke with last week's bold pronouncements about big sets. You can see the huge difference. This was 8-5-3-3-3-2-2 for the pull-ups (still all pull-ups) and 19-10-7-7-5-3 for the push-ups.

I started D3 trying to do one set per minute. That cut off my big set plan pretty quickly. Then I just switched to smaller sets which sped everything up.

I'm working on the pull-ups and push-ups throughout the week, and still running pretty hard. This next week I'm going to try working some more on the 8-7-6-5 pattern for pull-ups and the 19-17-15 sets for push-ups.

Still moving forward. On the other hand, the heat is on the way...

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:03 am
by brmc72
Nice work! Out of curiosity, you mention that you're "working on the pull-ups and push-ups throughout the week". Are you doing extra workouts outside of Simplefit or do you just mean that you're focusing on these during your normal SF workouts? I kind of feel like I'd like to do more pull/push-ups throughout the week, but I'm not sure if that would help my SF performance or if I would be risking over training/injury by doing pull-ups everyday and not getting enough rest.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:14 am
by JoJo
Thats a good question. I've read that Al Kavadlo (a great source for body weight workout info) doesnt believe that people outside of elite athletes need to worry about overtraining, and that its just talked about too much. I dont know though, I've had the same thoughts about doing more work, kind of in a less formal skill development style workout since I've stopped getting very sore between workouts. I think you could do more if you wanted to. Al suggests up to 50 pull-ups every day once you're used to the load. Just some thoughts.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:21 am
by brmc72
@JoJo: yeah, that makes sense. I'm certainly nowhere near elite athlete status, so increasing my workload probably won't be much of an issue. I think I'll try busting out a few sets of pull ups throughout the day when I'm able to and see if that has any affect on my actual SF performance. Thanks!

L5 Week 6

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 7:30 am
by KTG
This is a very big issue. I've said before that we need someone with twins to volunteer to raise one on simplefit alone and the other doing simplefit+.
My inexpert sense is that rest is important. Staying injury-free and having a good time are also critical.

That said, I do add some extra pull-up, chin-up, and push-up work through the week. Mostly I do "greasing the groove" kind of stuff--smaller sets spaced throughout the day, but sometimes I push it a little harder. Sometimes I'll also practice the sets I am shooting for on L5D3, but with more time in between.

Here are this week's numbers:

L5D1 - 25 -- Back up to equal my previous best. Felt OK all the way through at about 50 seconds per round.
L5D2 - 5:28 --12 seconds faster than previous best.
L5D3 - 8:56 -- A little slower. Still trying to get the bigger sets. Pull-ups at 8-7-4-4-3 (aiming for 8-7-6-5) and Push-ups at 19-10-7-7-8 (aiming for 19-17-15). Squats straight through.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:08 pm
by JoJo
Absolutely difficult to sort out the "ideal" way to workout, theres an unbelievable amount of contradicting info out there. I dont reliably do much work outside of SF, but I do like to do occasional Tabada intervals with bands and stuff like that. I keep telling myself I want to train more pull ups and pushups, but then I dont. Thats the way it goes I guess.

L5 Week 7

Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 5:42 am
by KTG
One of the merits of Simplefit is that it provides the motivation to just keep doing a reasonable amount and staying fit. I really think that anyone who even did level one on a consistent basis would have a pretty solid fitness foundation for the rest of their life. If you could hold at level 3 or 4 you would be pretty far out on the bell curve. Any other workouts are icing.

This week:

L5D1 - 25 rounds. Back atop the plateau. Struggling a bit on the pull-ups and chin-ups on the last two rounds.
L5D2 - 5:09. Big improvement. Still strict 3 minute rests. As soon as I get this below 5:00, I'll start shortening the rests.
L5D3 - 8:34. Still something of a plateau here as well. Pull-ups at 8-7-4-4-3 Push-ups at 19-12-10-8-2. Squats straight through.

On D3 I'm not really worrying as much about time as trying to increase the set sizes. My goal is still 8-7-6-5 for the pull-ups and 19-17-15 for the push-ups. Once I can do that I'll start working more on the time.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Fri May 03, 2013 6:12 am
by KTG
BTW - This week was my 2 year anniversary doing simplefit. Here's the progression

I started on level 2 for one week, then

L3 - 7 weeks
L4 - 16 weeks
L5 - 28 weeks
L6 - Worked on for 21 weeks, then got distracted by marathon training.

Started over again in January 2013. Really focused on form and doing all pull-ups on D2 and D3. (I still alternate chin-ups and pull-ups on D1)

L1 - 1 week
L2 - 1 week
L3 - 1 week
L4 - 3 weeks
L5 - 8 weeks so far.

That's 87 weeks total, which leaves about 17 weeks missed for traveling, illness, the marathon, or general slacking.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 10:42 am
by brmc72
Happy anniversary! It's great to see that you're still going at it!

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Sat May 04, 2013 5:41 pm
by colen
Second the Congratulations . The best thing about doing Simplefit is doing it.

I am impressed on the marathon part. Always hated to run, so I am very impressed.

Also thanks for the good words. A little encouragement sure goes a long way.


Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Mon May 06, 2013 9:22 am
by JoJo
Congrats! That is impressive. I've never been able to stick to any given program for that long.

Level 5 - Week 9

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 6:15 am
by KTG
Thanks, all.

OK. This was really two weeks--missed last week with various lame excuses.

My punishment was that this was one of those rare weeks where everyday was worse than last week.

L5D1 - 23 rounds -- down from 25
L5D2 - 5:18 -- 9 seconds worse
L5D3 - 9:54 -- 1:20 worse! Pull-ups: 9-7-3-3-3-2. Push-ups: 19-12-10-7-3. Squats straight through.

It was a little hotter this week, and I had a couple of real personal best long runs. Still trying to get the sets bigger for D3. And what really matters: still at it.

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 9:47 am
by JoJo
It happens, I think I'll be in the same boat next week. Keep it up, thats what matters!

Re: KTG's Log

Posted: Wed May 15, 2013 5:49 pm
by colen
As JoJo said it happens, don't worry about it. Some days are worse .

About level 8 I will never make it under five minutes without oxygen and haven't figured how to use it when I am working out. I think I will make 50, 100 & 100 someday probably under ten minutes,then try to add ten Hanging leg raises. If I can do it I should make a video and post it on u-tube in June of next year for my 76th Birthday :lol:

As far as any body doing level eight, We live about 10 miles from the back side for Fort Bragg (Special Forces) and about the same from Camp Macall (Training base for Special Ops) and I am sure I know a number of people who could nail it in 12 - 14 weeks maybe sooner.

One guy, now deployed, used to run on a tread mill on Sat.morning while his wife was taking a hour class in the local fitness center. He would put the elevation way up and run at a very good pace for most of the hour. He never looked like it was an effort.

Once and while He also would do twenty five muscle ups, walk one around a 1/16th mile track and do it again.

God Bless them, those boys are tough. Makes you feel very humble.

Takes for your kind words. Took Monday off, Did a lot of weeding and pollen got to me. Did day one on Tuesday, it's like people are watching when you post.