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Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 9:38 am
by fizzleboink
Urup wrote:Hey fizzleboink

Great workout video.. impressive! :)

However, going lower on the pullups and squat will give you a greater range of motion and improve your power output on each rep..

But still a great workout, and you're showing great style on the pushups :)

Are you still doing optional workout 1 and 2? And how is it going with the work on the one arm pushups? By the looks of your pushups you should easily be able to do them.
Oh, and awesome job on the one arm pull-up! thats an impressive level of fitness.. 8)
Thanks for the feedback. My rom is usually a little better but I was rushing a bit this time, hehe. But you are right.

I usually went to optional workout 1 and 2 when I felt like I was hitting a wall in progress. The vest has helped me keep improving so I didn't feel like the optional workouts were needed quite yet. That being said, I really want to do a one arm push up. Maybe I'll try the optional workouts next week.

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 10:42 am
by Admin
putting your feet really wide apart should help and start with hands elevated at first.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 3:40 am
by Urup
Hey Fizzleboink

When I do the one arm pushup I start out doing the following:

1. Start by getting into the standart pushup position.

2. Then I swing the opposite leg of the arm I'm going to do pushups on, out to the side in an angle somewhere between 45 and 90 degrees.

3. I place the opposite arm on top of the opposite leg in order to keep my upper body level.

4. And then I'm ready to start..

I like the variaty the optional workouts offer and can really feel the different workouts on my body (sore muscles), but am considering buying a west to use on and off just to keep my body guessing even more..

By the way, since you are able to do one arm pullups here is something to shoot for: :)

Do 20 minutes of the following round, alternating between left and right every new round:

1 one arm pullups
2 one arm pushups
3 one leg squat

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 8:43 am
by fizzleboink
Thanks Urup I'll try the one arm pushups next week and see how it goes.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:06 pm
by cdoubled05
I read a really cool e-book by Pavel the famous Russian author. It was called the Naked Warrior. The book was mainly about the one legged squat AKA the pistol and the one armed push-up. Some tips I remember are...

1. Use your non pushing arm and make a white knuckle fist behind your back.

2. Squeeze and tighten your entire body while doing the one arm push-up.

3. He talked of using a "static stomp" with the pushing hand also. Think of a rhino stomping the ground. You statically stomp your hand into the ground for an explosive push.

4. He also mentioned think of energy in your arm being pushed into the ground. Try to picture the energy cork screwing into the ground. Like if your were turning your hand while it was on the ground but, not really doing it. I do not know if I explained that one well...

I do not consider myself super strong but using these techniques I can sometimes do 1-3 one arm push-ups with my left arm. I am left handed also. I can not do any with the right arm yet.

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 6:04 pm
by fizzleboink
L7D2 - 14:12

That extra little bit of weight makes a huge difference.

I'll be trying these 1 arm pushups soon.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:05 pm
by ucffool
Lefty power! woot!

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 7:22 pm
by fizzleboink
L7D3 - 18:50

I'm missing the 5 minute pressure I used to feel without the extra weight. I find myself not pushing myself as hard as a I could be, taking plenty of rest because the vest just beats you down pretty quick. I probably could have shaved a couple minutes off if I tried my hardest.

I'm going to try the optional workouts next without the vest, just to mix things up and to try those one-arm pushups.

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 11:51 am
by Bri3626

that's pretty impressive mon.

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:24 pm
by fizzleboink
L7D6 - 12:29

This was without any extra weight. I mainly wanted to see how my one arm pushups would go so that's why I skipped to this day.

While I wasn't able to get a full range of motion, I definitely did much better at them than I have in the past. I guess at best I would get about half way down. I'm going to work on these for the next little while.

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:32 pm
by fizzleboink
L7D6 - 10:15

Repeated this day to really work on the one arm pushups. Range of motion improved a bit.

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:42 pm
by fizzleboink
L3D3 - 3:05

That's with the extra 12 lbs. in my vest. I decided to give my muscles one of those "rest weeks" simplefit advocates. I think I need it.

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 3:24 pm
by ucffool
good plan!

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 5:33 pm
by fizzleboink
L3D2 - 3:59

I have a cold so I'm glad I picked this week as my rest week.

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:38 am
by fizzleboink
L7D1 - 12 reps

I believe this marks the first time I haven't made progress, and actually fell short of a previous record. That's a little disappointing but I am still sick so I'll use that as the excuse. :)