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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 3:47 am
by jcarroll11
Hey everyone,

I was turned onto crossfit last year. I was scaling the WOD's but getting through them. I was also training for a triathalon. After the tri, i just kind of took some time off :wink:

I have some friends that are doing crossfit and i really started getting jealous that they were getting into really good shape. So i have been doing the crossfit warmups for the past 3 weeks.

I started this last night:
L1D1: 30 rounds

I don't have a pullup bar, so i am doing pullups using a door.

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:28 am
by samjackson

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:07 am
by jcarroll11
Today I built a pull up bar. Made it out of wood and used an old pipe. My wife thought i was nuts, but it does what it is meant to do 8)

L1D2 as prescribed 3:16

Looking forward to mondays workout.

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 11:11 am
by Admin
Thats great!

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 4:48 pm
by jcarroll11
L1D3 as rx'd 5:06:28

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 7:41 pm
by Admin
Good Job

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:06 pm
by jcarroll11
Starting L2 today. My goal was to do the same amount of reps as I did for L1D1
as rx'd L2D1 30

Excited that i was able to match, the pushups started getting harder though.

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:03 pm
by Admin
Nice work

Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:42 pm
by jcarroll11
Decided to do a really good workout tonight :twisted:

3 rounds for time:
1/4 mile run
20 shoulder press (PVC with Elastic band)
20 box jumps
20 rows (elastic band)
20 sprawls
20 situps


Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 6:08 am
by jcarroll11
did l2d2 last night as rx'd with 3 minute rests between sets: 3:42

taking saturday and sunday off due to a hockey playoffs. don't want to over do it :wink:

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 6:16 am
by Admin
Wise decision over doing it can be as bad as under doing it. Balance and constancy will yield best results.

Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 3:13 am
by jcarroll11
l2d3 as rx'd 4:41

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 3:11 am
by jcarroll11
Did a modified Nancy last night
five rounds for time:
400 meter run
95 lb overhead squats
that is nancy. I modified the 95 lb OHS squat. I took a fence post, its about 8 feet long and weighs about 20 lbs, maybe more and used that for the OHS
time 16:05


Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 7:32 am
by samjackson
As I understand it, that 400 meter run is a sprint, in the crossfit world, isn't it?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2007 10:07 am
by jcarroll11
hey sam,

you can call it that, although by the 3rd, 4th round, there isn't much sprinting if you know what i mean :lol:

That was a good workout last night, the legs during the squats were on fire, i knew that it was going to tough in the first round.

I am looking for those crossfit workouts that don't require anything but creativity, so i watch the WOD's to see which fits that BILL