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Help on Workout

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 10:33 pm
by Gatsu81
Hi there!:)
I started yesterday my SimpleFit training but i've got a couple of doubts i'd like to clarify, so i hope you can help me.
Since i already did some running and pullups training i decided to start from Lvl 2 to check how can i handle myself with the program: i know resistance is my weak spot so i tought to take little steps.
I read that the "signal" to change the level is the time needed to complete the workout (<5 >30 min), but i wasn't able to find how many repetitions are the threshold for resistance (i did 28 in 20 minutes, but i don't know if i should change).

This lead me to another question: if i have different levels of resistance and strength is possible for example to take day 1 from level 2 and day 2 from level 3 or it's unwise?

Thank you and i hope i was able to express myself clearly (english is not my mother language, i'm italian:).

Re: Help on Workout

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 9:32 am
by chongtxtx
Welcome to the boards/Simplefit. Here is how I gauge when to go up in a workouts:
I base everything solely on the 3rd workout of the week, if I beat the 5 minute time requirement I move on if not I stay on the same level. Also, if that workout takes longer than the 30 minutes than I would move down a level. During the strength or 2nd day workout I use the simplefit android app and that only tracks the actual workout set time.

For your second question I would advise against changing the reps/workouts around. The only reason being is that I believe you should just give the program a chance and I bet you will be surpised with the turnout. There is beauty in keeping your workouts simple and not having to worry about changing things up, All you have to worry about is putting in the work. Please excuse my rambling and I hope you keep up with your workouts have a great day!

Re: Help on Workout

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 10:06 pm
by Gatsu81
Thank you for the answer!:)

I supposed it was like that, but i just wanted to be sure:i.e. finding very hard day 1 and very easy day 2 or 3 how has to be handled.

I suppose on the long run it will all simply adjust itself:) Thank you again!

Re: Help on Workout

Posted: Thu May 08, 2014 12:57 pm
by chongtxtx
Yeah the workouts will surely adjust themselves. Eventually in the later rounds you will be struggling to get them done in the required time. I believe I am on week 3 of Level 7 so that shows you its gets harder lol. But keep it up.