Beginner blindly following program

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Beginner blindly following program

Post by derobinson » Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:31 pm

:? Ok - I have been doing my homework...reading and re-reading info on CrossFit main site, browsing the blogs on that site to learn from others and studying the exercises.....

quickly determined i was not as physically conditioned as i thought so i headed to simplefit to build a foundation ( I am a long distance runner)

Frustrated by the fact that despite some regular weightlifting at the gym, I can not keep any muscle mass and have poor core strength - i am putting my faith in the CrossFit/Simplefit philosophy to lead me in a new fitness direction. (Need to get strong and powerfull as running just isn't enough for Police College)

so I started today.....

Day 1 Lvl 1
23 rounds
....but I realize I did not substitute the 3:1 for the subs....
felt good - but half way I found the I could not even do negatives...and after my jump I couldn't hold the pullup or control a slow lowering....

Pushups were good - half way i switched to my knees so I would have better form....

Squats no problem....

So do I take tomorrow off? should I avoid running for a while?? Do you do other workouts? my muscles are tired....guess I should see how I am feeling tomorrow....

Any direction is welcome....

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Post by goodluckfox » Thu Jul 05, 2007 4:14 pm

Congratulations on starting, and welcome to the group! You can't stop now, because we're all watching you now. :)

The forums here are a wealth of good advice. I'm sure someone knows the answer to your question. I myself and alternating simplefit workouts with trying to work my way up running 5k at the saem time.

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Post by ucffool » Thu Jul 05, 2007 4:45 pm

If your legs are good, then go for the run. I suggest at least 1 day where you don't do anything at all, to give everything a break.
My first week, I didn't sub either... and that is ok, it hurt enough. :) First bit of advice on the workout page is 'start slow'. So it did not sub until week 2, so I went from 26 to 21 rounds W1 - W2... but did 3x's as many negatives.
If necessary, pause for 30 seconds before the next round of negatives, give yourself a break. Maybe pause 2 minutes then start going again. Whatever it takes to make sure that each one actually counts. I didn't learn this for a few weeks, and burned out my Central Nervous System on negatives. Now I do bodyrows with homemade rings ($15 total, see my log for how and pictures) which is waaaay better.

Anyway, enough about me. Welcome, hold off on 3:1 till week 2 and your upper body gets use to this type of workout, and enjoy!

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Post by volleyball_man » Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:08 pm

I didn't properly sub when I started. Key thing is that I started.

Negatives are hard. I did a mix of negatives and body rows to get to pullups. The bodyrows and some ab work helped me a lot.

Keep going!

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