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Rest Day

Day 1 Level 5
Rounds: 20 - (Warm-up 500m Row)

(I really wanted Level 5 for this week. Well, I sure as hell won't complain. I "hit the wall" at around 14 rounds, I'm pretty sure that's where it was. I do know that's when I was having a hard time keeping track of rounds or remembering my name. :lol: Other than the complete cramping and mass spasms in my legs, I feel great. I thought I was capable of 22-24 rounds today before starting. Afterwards (and during later rounds) I thought I had regressed or was being a wuss but now I think today might have been a breakthrough.)

As a side note, I am going down to my "local" (forty minutes away) CrossFit affiliate on Friday morning. My intentions are to join the group classes there and start doing the Workouts of the Day. I'm not sure how I will incorporate SimpleFit into this, but I will figure something out. If I start doing CrossFit workouts three times a day, I'm not sure if SimpleFit is viable (over-training), but I'm just going to play it by ear until I get a feel for things. No matter what, I wholeheartedly believe that people who feel their level of fitness needs significant improvement should use SimpleFit as the place to start. Especially if they want to get into CrossFit. I am so glad that Kevin created this. Thank you Kevin.

p.s. Even though I have only been around a few months reading here and about a month posting here, I feel I'm betraying you guys somehow by getting more involved with CrossFit. Damn you great people, damn you! :D

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