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Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 5:58 am
by ianjb
For a rowing tabata, I set the interval time to 20 seconds, the rest time to 10 seconds, the mode set for distance and the resistance set low. I row the 20 seconds and write down the distance during the 10 seconds rest (a notepad and pen next to the concept 2). The score is the shortest distance for the 8 reps.

The first time you try this take it easy to get a feel for it. Rowing uses some muscles in your back that you don't use otherwise and you may be sore the next day. You can ramp up the pace as you learn what your body can do.

If you are completely new to rowing, I would suggest that you do some slow pace rowing, concentrating on form, before doing tabatas. Once you have the correct form, the tabatas will be more productive and you will be less likely to get injuries.

Re: seriously this time!

Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 8:43 am
by rahmed
Week 1
  • Wednesday, May 19
    • L2D2
      7 minutes, 7 seconds
      Did 3 of the sets of squats as 25 lb goblet squats

      Concept2 Rower:
      5 minutes for form
Thanks for the tips! I watched this video (SFW) on rowing technique and spent 5 minutes on the machine today, going slow and working on form... and, man, it's not easy!

Back-to-back workouts might have not been the best idea, but since I started this week on Tuesday, I wanted to make sure I snapped straight into my MWF routine (TuWF this week). I've also taken so long off that I think I'm going to make sure I do something daily just to get back in the habit. MWF is going to be Simplefit + rowing,

Tuesday/Thursday will be... well, we'll see. Maybe more rowing, maybe some jump rope, perhaps some olympic lifts? I don't know. Any ideas from those of you who train more than 3 days a week? Running is not an option because of some recurring ankle problems (also, frankly, I just find it very boring), but I'm up for pretty much anything else.

Re: seriously this time!

Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 11:25 am
by rahmed
Week 1
  • Friday, May 22
    • L2D3
      4 minutes, 42 seconds
Phew. Onwards!