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Ruli's Progress

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:00 am
by Ruli
I started SF on the 1st June 2009, but to say that I've been doing SF for a year now would not quite be correct.

Out of the past 52 weeks, only 16 of them were full workout weeks. I know it doesn’t sound like much (and I’ll forgive you if you think that I was wasting my time and fooling myself), but believe me, I was, and still is, well and truly committed to SF!

First of all, during the “rest” weeks, I did nothing. When you’re on lvl 1, you cannot drop a couple of lvl’s during your rest week, and when you’re on lvl 2, I just felt that my body wouldn’t have gotten the break it deserved by doing lvl 1 during the rest week – hence me taking the rest weeks off.

Secondly, I was plagued by injuries during the first year – most notably the bicep tendonitis in my left elbow that struck at the beginning of week 10, which kept me on the “bench” for the better part of four months. And I’m afraid to say that that injury will stay with me for the rest of my life. To this day I cannot do a pull-up, only chin-ups and neutral grip.

Lastly, my personal circumstances during the last three months (of which I won’t bore you with the details) were of such a nature that I just couldn’t get around doing workouts.

I am glad to say however that I’m back on track again! Although I finished off my first year with a couple of weeks on lvl 3, I started on lvl 2 again on the 5th July.

This time around I will pace myself properly so as to avoid aggravating my tendonitis injury (and any other injuries for that matter!) and hopefully my personal circumstances will stay stable for a while, allowing me to enjoy the benefits of SF un-interruptedly.

Somewhere on Flickr I have a set of photos taken a year ago and I will shortly take another set, both of which I will post here for comparison. Be warned though – don’t expect anything spectacular – if at all!!!

Re: Ruli's Progress

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:15 am
by Ruli
as promised, herewith a comparison between how i looked now as opposed to a year ago when i started SF. in case you don't know which picture was taken when (and i wouldn't blame you for not noticing the difference), the one's where i wear the black shorts was taken now.

Image Image
Image Image

ps: thanx for the assistance with posting the pic's cheapo - much appreciated!!!

pps: any comments, good or bad, will be welcomed.