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Program completed!

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 7:18 am
by Tupperwhere
I finally finished the program, basically stepping up every week till about week 5-8 took about 2-3 weeks a peice. While I was on this program, I had been lifting 3times a week for about a year, but is stopped all weightlifting while on this. I also implimented a lot of running for 20min/30min/off in that pattern with a 10k once a month.

Here is my starting measurements and results
Body fat: 27%
Bench press Max:315lbs
Pullups max:10

body fat:21%
Bench press Max:315lbs
pullups max:21

I am amazed, that I didn't loose any of my bench and while I didn't gain any inches on my biceps, they are sculpted and you can see the actual muscle striations. My pullups skyrocketed to 21 from 10 and I was astonished. Everyone is asking what I have done to loose the weight. I still eat ice cream, chicken fingers, big chesseburgers and fries but I make up for it by going all out when doing simple fit and running. Also have been moderating the amounts and I dont eat after 8 at night, except for the whey and water shake right before bed. Also have been taking Flax oil supplements to aid my recovery times and its great. Going to go back to lifting for a while to bulk back up but will hit simple fit again when I want to tone that mass I put on!

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:23 am
by Admin
Fantastic work! Congratulations. Be sure to post before and after pix if you have them.