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Keith O's progress

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:19 am
by kdo463
First time postin' anything in the progress section. But I certainly have progressed since I took my first measurements in September.

Sept: weight: 185 lbs, body fat: 17%, pull up max: 12, push up max: 25.
Oct: weight: 176 lbs, body fat: 16%, pull up max: 13, push up max: 30.

That's a net loss of 9 lbs with a 1% reduction in body fat in about a month. :shock: Almost all the spare tire is gone and you can start to see my top two ab muscles! 8) I'd attribute most of that to simply paying attention to the junk I eat. The workouts have certainly helped too.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:31 am
by scumdogg
Good work Keith. It always amazes me how much you can accomplish in a short month when you work hard. I think more people would join the fitness lifestyle if they new that with the right program and diet they can see some pretty amazing results in a short time. Now you're on the hook for posting changes at the end of month 2.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:45 am
by kdo463
Thanks! That will help keep me from slipping back and getting lazy too. Accountability works!