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ddm's goals

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 7:42 am
by ddm
Upper Tier Goals:

Lose Weight (fat)
Gain Strength
Gain Endurance

Individual Goals (focusing on weaknesses):

I need to do a real measure of my body fat %, but I estimate I've got 40-50 lbs to lose. I weight 249 as of this writing.

I have already hit my first goal- doing an unassisted pullup (got two actually)
Next Pullup goal - 5

I want to get better at putting objects above my head- heavy ones.
Next Overhead Press goal - 75lbs, 10 reps (right now I can barely do 40 lbs)

Jumprope for two minutes straight
Double Unders

This Month's Goal:

Start on level 3, two weeks from now.