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Post by austin » Sat Jun 06, 2009 12:40 pm

By all means, fire at will sir!

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Post by volleyball_man » Sat Jun 06, 2009 2:08 pm

Way to have the balls to put this up and invite people to comment. On the CF message board they have a devoted thread to "Digital Coaching" - dedicated to putting up videos for form check and the like.

Kevin already mentioned you needing to watch for range of motion completion. I thought the same.

1) pullups: GET YOUR CHIN ABOVE THE BAR or it doesn't count. Also - come all the way down.

2) pushups: I have to correct 80% of my clients on this, especially as fatigue becomes part of it. You are leading with your head. I can't tell from the angle, but it seems like you are "pike-ing" your body at the hips as well. Keep straight as a board (plank work will help) and let your sternum kiss the ground.

3) squats: this is a difficult one for me as well. It seems as though your foot placement is fine - your legs are tracking ok. Again a side angle would help but it seems as though you are losing your lower lumbar curve - pretty severely. Correction for this is to get your hips flexible. And get in a good squat position frequently (at the fridge, at your dressr, when the mood strikes, at the grocery store, not at a crowded concert - just trust me on this one - anytime you can.) Keep shoulders up. Try reaching overhead or placing hands in prayer/namste position. TONS of resources exist on the CF site. Watch videos on proper squat form.

Your reply to my pm was awesome guy - I want all to know how good it made me feel and to realize that this critique was meant to help. Please ask questions about these comments and post your own thoughts - learn and grow!


Post by austin » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:15 pm

Will practice! Today's my offday, tomorrow I think I'll take the USMC's pft combined with the push ups needed for the USN's special forces test. It's a combination basically consisting of: pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and a 3 mile run; keeping track of the 1.5 mile time and the 3 mile time. I believe I wrote about this earlier in my post. I did this last on 14 march with only a week or two of SFing under my belt.

I know my pull ups are suffering because i dont get my chin over the bar. i get my chin close to it, and it feels like my arms/shoulders/back feel like they're a bit too weak to get up that high. my theory is that i need to work my lats more often by doing chin ups. i read somewhere that that uppermost part of the pull up motion, relies heavily on the lats. And Ive been meaning to work on my chin ups more often too.

Push ups, Im positive you're right lol. Ive been leading with my head, as I get fatigued, for speed i believe. When Im actually having a strength problem pushing off the ground, I tend to have to rest. The keeping of my back straight, Im not 100% sure if im losing technique on or not. I havent been paying attention to it. Maybe I'll start squeezing my hips and abs and slowing down?

Squats I normally get pretty lost on. Reason being is that, besides a minute or two here and there during wrestling, I never have had to do air squats. So I know that motion im used to making with my back as straight as possible and staring up to the sky as much as possible. I remember when I first started sf, I knew I was using bad form in the squats so to make it harder, I'd perform a jump at the top of each.

Think that i'll practice a tiny bit today, i'll use that 10 second each move thing for L1D2 to practice my form as per ur recommendations. Be sure to let you know how that goes. Should I record my pft tomorrow you think?

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Post by volleyball_man » Sat Jun 06, 2009 3:22 pm

Sure, video it - get a side view.

As your trainer - I would not count some of your pullups nor some of your pushups. I'd make you go down a level until you could complete at least 85-90% of the workout with proper form. Drop from the bar if you can't do the pullup - rest a few seconds then back up. This might actually SAVE you time. The pushups - PLANKS PLANKS PLANKS!!! Squats - watch vids. Do you do overhead squats? The help me a lot with the flexibility issues.

Keep up the work!

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Post by zorg » Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:47 pm

volleyball_man wrote:Way to have the balls to put this up and invite people to comment.
Amen to that. I've nothing to add to the wo itself; putting up a vid was pretty cool though.


Post by austin » Tue Jun 09, 2009 7:49 pm

Thanks zorg, appreciate that. Well vbm, and everyone else, I've been working on form as per vbm's suggestion. I'll be sure to put up another vid when I've progressed on that pretty good. Probably a day or two. Thanks for all the views, comments, and support!


Post by austin » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:05 pm

A quick one guys. Decided to focus this week on form and a little cardio. Monday I just tried L5D2 with chinups subbed for pullups, went pretty well. Chinups are significantly easier for me than pull ups, so i figured working them could help me with my pull up form. Today, wednesday, I did the same but also threw in a little sprinting. 5 chin ups (chest to bar!), 15 push ups (great form), 26 squats, then a 300 meter sprint. That times 5 rounds. Was REAL hard on cardio aspect, halfway through had to slow to a jog to a slight walk for a few feet. Finished strong though. Happy with the chin ups. Think I'll stick with this through friday, try proper form pull ups this weekend and then judge whether to retry L5 next week or not. n.


Post by austin » Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:55 pm

a word on cardio, this is more of a note for myself. I have to remember to start including some hi intensity cardio every wod. My cardio abilities sucked yesterday, but as soon as it was over and i stretched, i felt euphoric! The feeling has lasted 24 hours. I can breath more deeply and satisfyingly which lead to an even better mood than my usual training days, i even slept better. Here at worktodayi feel much less stressed than normal as well. I thnk ill try to keep this up. If not sprints, uphill walks and rides, or occasional distance runs maybe even too.


Post by austin » Thu Jun 11, 2009 7:47 pm

L5D2 practice with chinups subbed for pull ups again. This time with more cardio involved. Rode/pushed my bike up a steep mountain for about 45 minutes, ride down took 10 minutes lol. Rested, stretched, rode to school (5 min). Trained L5D2 with chin ups subbed for pull ups again and also with longer sprints between rounds. Went like this: 5 rounds for form: 5 chin ups, 15 push ups, 26 squats, 350m sprint.

Actually, all reps and rounds went well as far as form and strength were concerned. Chinups again were all bar to chest, push ups were abs/chest to ground, squats were all with a straight back. Had to rest once or twice between the push ups and squats. One or two of the sprints I had to slow to a slow jog. Getting better! Might try out L5D3 for real tomorrow, recorded of course, and post results to see what the sf veterans think. See how I feel tomorrow after work.


Post by austin » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:05 pm

Holy Hell!!! So if you recall, about a week or two back I decided to purchase some Rogue Rings. I bought them with the intent of making my tuesdays and thursdays L3D2 Advanced wods harder. (A)L3D2 consists of doing ten reps of a bunch of things. Some were easy for me to do ten reps of (like push ups, and bar dips), and some are still difficult for me to get 5 reps or more out of one attempt (like pullups and hspu's). So I bought these rings to make things like push ups, dips, inverted pull ups etc a bit more hard; while I intend on continuing to push myself with the strict pull ups and hspu's with just my hands on the ground and using only my bodyweight. Well, the rings made it here today, and I just couldnt bring myself to try L5D1 without using them for the push ups. So it would go like this: 3 strict (good form) pull ups, followed by 5 ring push ups (only a couple inches off the ground), and then 8 squats. And Holllllllllllllly crap! I knew that the rings would make push ups a bit harder, but I had NO IDEA this hard! 20 minutes went by, I got out 15 rounds. By the 4th round I was sweating like hell. By the 7th round, I had to take regular breaks. Post work out, I feel like I just got into 10 arm wrestling matches in each side. I mean, Im sore in my chest, every arm muscle, my chest, my abs; just wow! I dont know if I intend on using the rings for my L5-L8 progression in push ups or pull ups, until i reach L8 with great form, but I know Im trying them out tomorrow for the Advanced L3D2. Wish me luck!

PS- Wednesday I intend on recording and posting my L5D2 attempt rings or no rings, depending on how I feel tomorrow goes down. So Vids are coming back, I promise!

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Post by cheapo » Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:58 am

Good for you.


Post by austin » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:25 pm

Wow. After work today, I came home and relaxed for about an hour. I went into my room when my girlfriend called and laid down in bed as i talked to her on the phone. When I went to get off the phone with her, I told her I was going to go stretch and get ready to train and I'd call her before I left. I , closed my eyes for a second, it was 6pm, and I just now woke up at 1030. DAMMIT!!! Lol I hate super naps! Now its a little too late to go out and train at the school. Have to just try L5D2 with rings tomorrow.


Post by austin » Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:35 pm

WTF? Quick notes about progress and developments before I go attempt L5D2 with rings. I was putting my shirt on this morning in the bathroom, and i noticed something weird about my stomach. My midsection shape is a bit odd normally, I suppose. Sort of that spare tire thing going on around the hips a bit, fairly flat stomach in shape. I say 'in shape' there because compared to where the front of my hips sit, my belly is about 3 inches in front of that point. Poking around my stomach fat, you can easily feel abdominal muscle about an inch in, but that would mean they're protruding approximately 2 inches from my hips. That sort of makes sense to me, because I've always had strong abs. And ive pretty much always been able to see that 'upper shelf' of abs, or at least their outline lol. Anyways, back to my observation. As I was putting on a shirt, I was twisting slightly to the side facing a mirror when something caught my eye in my stomach. I focused at it and realized that I can see a shadow where my my top abdominals meet my mid-upper ones. If im not describing this right, imagine seeing a human anatomy chart showing the 8 pack of abdominals: those upper most two and the two below them, i can see the beginning of shadow between those two sets. WHAT THE HELL?! I've been MUCH thinner, fitter etc before in my life and at those points only managed to slim down that spare tire thing on my hips. Another odd point about this observation is that Im still sitting at just about the same weight (217). I dont blame that on SF at all, I blame it on my lack of cardio and correct diet. But still, the point still stands. If im not losing weight, and I see that in my abdominals, are they getting bigger? Whatever the cause, Im excited and cant wait to see what the future holds.

Another note. Speaking of cardio and diet; Im trying today again to start back up with sprints. But in todays case, not using cardio to make my wods into metcon wods, just sprinting a bit after. But I was studying the zone and paleo diets today online when i found a website for zone dieters with a basic body fat and zone diet proportions calculater. I gave it a whirl just now and Im pretty puzzled. According to this calculator, at 5'8", 220 (have to round to nearest 5#), and with a 37" waist, Im approximately 36 lbs overweight (I already guesstimated almost exactly that), with a lean bodyweight of 186 (again, already figured), but Im at only 15% bodyfat according to this thing: which it claims as "ideal" for an american male. Now I rarely buy into these online bmi calculators ever, but it seemed like some of their numbers for me were spot on, with the exception of that percentage (and the calling me 'ideal' in weight and bodyfat), so I have to ask the f*<k guys? The f*<k?!

Alright, onto L5D2 untimed with rings. Dont think im recording it, just because the ring push ups are still a bit embarassing, we'll see tho.


Post by austin » Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:39 pm

Whew! Well good thing I didnt time my L5D2 attempt lol. Actually I was delightfully surprised. It seems like the ring push ups were significantly easier in D2 than D1. 5 rounds for form of: 5 Pull ups, 15 Ring Push Ups, 26 squats. Pull ups all went great with good form, up until the 4th round (adjusted wrists (in air at the top of the ascent tho!)). Ring push ups actually were all good until the 4th round as well, stabilizing muscles lost it and i dropped onto my chest on the 13th rep. Same thing happened on my 12th rep of my 5th round. Squats all went smoothly with good form. Gettin better!

Skimped on the cardio. It was 830 by the time I was through. It was starting to get dark and I was getting eaten by mosquitoes. Im starting to contemplate hitting cardio/metcon in the mornings, then SF after work. Thoughts?

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Post by Ruli » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:09 pm

way to austin!
it's reading other ppl's logs and progress that keeps me going and motivated. i'm also into a bit of cardio on my off days - hitting the punch bag, and in the long run it will definately help. at a later stage i want to start jogging on my off days, but i suppose that will have to wait another month or two untill it's a bit warmer (i exercise early morning).

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