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Jac's log

Post by Jac » Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:44 pm

I'm a bit nervous about this, but here I go. Starting info:

48yo female. 94kg. Paleo since Feb 2011, weight loss of 6kg. The big gain here has been getting a handle on IBS - woohoo!! Sedentary job, typically low energy kind of lifestyle with the requisite sore knees, weak glutes, minimal core strength and little upper-body/back strength. I'm the cliché woman, though - my kids have just left home and I want to get a life! I've had short bursts of exercise in the past, and actually I tend to gain strength and see a bit of muscle definition fairly fast. The cardio aspect always did me in, though, combined as it always was with huge caloric restriction, rabbit food, and usually trying to fit it in by sleeping less :? I'd get grumpy, exhausted, bored and quit. This time I'm not reducing my food, increasing sleep as needed, and focusing on noticing my gains in ways other than what the scales say.

I started to increase my exercise (just generally moving more) when MDA had the September challenge. Recently I started a more defined programme, but it's more complicated than I can cope with, I don't feel like I'm tracking improvements, and I've hurt my knees. Sigh. I'm not giving up, though. Simplefit seems like a good way to get into exercise, since I only have to learn and practise three exercises and I can track my progress easily.

Physically, I can't do a squat with good form - my left knee folds inwards quite dramatically and my balance is several degrees below appalling. I'll do pole assisted ones for a start, a la Sisson. I can't do a pull-up, but have rings so will start there. I can't do a push-up (seeing a pattern here, lol?) but can manage a couple of partial girl ones, not going very far towards the floor, using knees instead of feet. I can stay at that stage, though, as I seem to be improving.

So that's where I'm starting. It's Thursday today, so will use the rest of this week to practise and start the programme on Monday.

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Re: Jac's log

Post by Bri3626 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:01 am

Hi Jac and welcome!

I would suggest going to Crossfit.com and taking a look at the airsquat videos to see how they are done properly. Worse thing you could do is hurt yourself and ruin any chance at progress. Some tips I gave my wife that might help:

1. Get a chair, put it in a position just as if you would normally sit down then push it back about a foot or two depending on your height and attempt to sit in it. Essentially you want to stick your butt way out as you go down. The xfit videos will show you. someone uses the analogy that you want to look like a Silverback gorilla as you squat.
2. Be proud and chest out as you go down. It's a little crude but as I viewed my wife squat from the front I would tell her, "Show me your boobs when you go down". The analogy worked well for her. I did the same for my son who was a toe squatter with knees way forward over feet. (hope thats not offensive but it seems to work)
3. She had the same knee issue and I used the xfit analogy: When your going down and coming up try to push the world apart with your feet. Imagine you are trying to create a crack in the earth by trying to push. It will effectively keep your knees aligned with your feet.

When she is doing the squats and form starts to go I tell her, "Chest out, butt out, and push the world apart". It seems to be working pretty well. I would still look at the videos though.

Other bit of advice I would recommend is just start slow. Advance slow and maintain form in every aspect being honest with yourself when you count reps. Bad form is not a rep and shouldn't be counted. Any alterations you do to the program just record it with the goal of correcting it where it should be. An example would be if you did knee pushups vs. regular pushups.

Good luck and welcome again!

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Re: Jac's log

Post by Jac » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:14 am

Thanks for the encouragement! The foot thing was really helpful, as was the boob thing, lol.

First attempt:

2 sets of 20 pole assisted squats - I think my form was pretty good, as I could feel it in my butt and hips this time.
2 sets of 6 body rows on rings - for the first time I could feel it in my back, around my shoulder blades and a bit lower. Had to stand up after number 3 each time, but could manage another 3 after that
2 sets of 5 push ups - can't get to the floor with them, and am using knees and hands.

Starting the programme properly on Monday!

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