ART vs. Graston

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ART vs. Graston

Post by l1natel1 » Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:28 pm

Can someone advise me on the differences/applications of Active Release (ART) compared to the Graston Technique?

I have had graston done on my knee to remove scar tissue around my knee cap that impinged on the tendons. I must say it was amazing stuff. The tools themselves look like they come from a horror flick but it turned my knee to butter. The effect was so drastic that when asked to do a squat I couldn't keep my knee straight on the way down. The muscles had been overcompensating so much that they pulled my knee wildly outward. Even though it left me shaky for a few weeks my "bad" knee started feeling like it was the "good" knee and i wanted to go back to have the other side worked on!

The reason I ask is that I am having difficulty doing squats again. For reference i've had surgery on both my knee (miniscus) and ankle (fibula/blown connective tissue) in the last two years. I was hoping to use the squats to help regain strength in my leg but the squats are proving difficult. I believe I've built up some scar tissue where i blew out the ligament(?) in my ankle and it physically prevents my foot from moving upward (dorsiflexion?). In other words I can't bend my knee without my ankle pulling up off of the floor. I inquired with my surgeon at one point and his response was that the scar tissue would break down/diminish with activity. Its been two years and I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the progress. I am considering seeking treatment and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with ART or have anything to say about one or the other (graston).

Thanks folks!

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Post by volleyball_man » Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:04 am

I've had both done. My experience is that Graston works better on some things and ART wins on others.

I had Graston done to release a neuroma in my foot - worked pretty well. When it was done on my shoulder - more chronic long-term overuse issues - it didn't do much. Part of this might be the practitioner.

ART on my shoulder was amazing. Got a lot of mobility back after one visit.

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