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Canned soups/sodium intake?

Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:04 pm
by austin
Before you start, let me give a little backround to my question. I just removed out of my parents house, im renting a bedroom and bathroom in a home occupied by my landlord. The fridge is already jam packed with her own food. I swore to myself as soon as I moved back out of my parents, the gloves were off with my diet and lack of consistency on SF. I was really hoping to start with a paleo-esque diet, tuning it into the zone as I went. Problem being that I dont yet have a way to refrigerate a whole lot of food. So I started browsing a canned food aisle and started reading nutritional content on canned soups. A lot didnt seem terrible, tho almost all seemed high in salt. I know salt isnt great in large quantities, but from what I've read, I'd need to consume 3-4 cans of soups a day to get into the bad level of salt consumption. I also read somewhere that salt consumption is all about balancing it out with potassium and water. Any validity to any of this? Does anyone know how this could effect a diet?

Im hoping I can form a basic diet around whole grain cereals for breakfast (i know, grains are a no no on paleo. but again, no fridge), sandwiches and raw fruits for lunch, soups for din-dins and almonds and raw vegs in between and perhaps the occasional pro shake post workout (again, only until i can refrigerate natural protein sources). Do I have any hope? Please, ANY info would help a lot. Thanks!