Advanced workout details


On a set of parallel bars or rings lower till your shoulders are almost level with your hands, and push back up. If you do not have rings or bars you can use 2 chairs

0ne legged squat
Stand on a bench or box that’s about knee height. Hold your arms in front of you and flex your right ankle so your toes are higher than your heel. Keeping your torso as upright as possible, bend your left knee and slowly lower your body until your right heel lightly touches the floor. Pause for 1 second, then push yourself up. That’s one repetition.

handstand push ups
Get in a handstand position against a wall. Range of motion will be limited to start.

one arm push ups
Place one arm behind your back legs wide apart and lower yourself to the floor with the other arm. Once your chest touches the floor, press yourself back up.
* Start on knees if necessary


Level 1 day 3 workout used as example

“5 rounds for time:”
1 pull-ups
1 one arm push-ups
1 one legged squats

do 1 pull-up
then 1 one arm push-up for each arm
then 1 one legged squat per leg
that is one round. see how quickly you can complete each of the 5 rounds, rest aproxomatly 3 minutes between each round.