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    Nice job for your first time on L1D3! Keep it up! :)

    You don’t really need to do a whole lot honestly. IMHO most people go WAY overboard with their simple fitness plans and end up getting lost in the marketing machine. There are two rules I have followed in the past that have worked excellent for me cutting fat, toning up, and removing looseness. These numbers are the averages from studies done at Harvard, American Health Association, and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

    Plate Rule – Dinner Plate Layout

    1/2 – Fresh Veggies (not including root vegetables)

    1/4 – Lean Protein

    1/4 – Carbohydrate / Starch

    Daily Portion Rule

    Carbs 30 to 40%

    Fat 15 to 20%

    Protein 15 to 20%

    Following this, plus moderate exercise 3 times a week and light exercise 2 times a week. Simple fit will provide you with a good body weight resistance routine that will definitely tone you up. If you have access to a gym or weights, the only thing I would add to simple fit is a dead lift routine. Add some cardio a couple times a week to keep the metabolic furnace roaring.






    Check in time.

    Morning weigh-in: 158.6 lbs

    L1D1: 28 rounds completed


    Great start!

    I’m not sure simplefit all by itself will do the job. As many will say, diet is 70%. But it looks like you have diet down, so I think Simplefit will go a long way towards the tone you are looking for. I’m with wwitzel3 on keeping some cardio in the rotation as well.

    One of the great things I’ve found about simplefit is that it in making this routine a regular life priority, it helps keep you focused and motivated for other fitness things as well.


    Just finished my workout for the day.

    Morning weigh-in: 157.2 lbs

    L3D2: 4:30.3

    Does this mean I should move up to Level 2?

    About adding cardio; I play pick-up soccer with a bunch of friends a few times a week. We usually go for about 2-3 hours, and play at a pretty good pace. Would this qualify as a good amount of cardio, or should I be adding more? Also, I’m not sure if I’m eating enough. My weight has dropped since I started doing Simplefit, is that normal? I usually eat about 1700 calories a day, should I be eating more?


    Did you skip Day 2? Anyway, as long as you completed Day 3 without substitutions and doing everything in order (all the pull-ups, then all the pushups, then all the squats) then you are ready for the next level. Congrats!


    Good work, looks like you are ready for level two! Looking forward to your L2 results.


    Whoops my last one should have said Day 2. I’ve fixed it now. I moved up to level 2, here are my results:

    Morning weigh-in: 160.0

    L2D3: 9:10.6

    I was able to do 9 pullups in a row to start off. I am pretty amazed by this, as last week I could only do 6 before failure.


    When I level up, my first Day 3 always comes out to about 9-10 minutes, so I would say Level 2 is the right level for you. (If my experience is anything to go by.)


    Morning weigh-in: 161.6 lbs

    L2D1: 21 rounds completed

    I felt pretty exhausted this morning, didn’t complete as many as I wanted to.


    Checking in again.

    Morning weigh-in: 159.6 lbs

    L2D2: 4:50.5

    Again, does this mean I should move up to level 3? I did it all with no substitutions, but I just moved up to level 3 last week. Should I do level 2 for another week before moving up or just go ahead and try level 3?


    I’m pretty sure the determining factor is your D3 time. Under 5 min on D3 means you should be able to move up if I’m not mistaken.



    That’s a great D2 time. I expect you’ll be able to level up very soon. But Behhamine is right. The official routine is to look at the D3 time. Level up when you get D3 below 5 minutes.


    Ah, okay. Thanks for the info guys. I stuck with Level 2 for now.

    Week 3:

    Morning Weigh-in: 160.0

    L2D3: 5:28.3


    Back at it after a busy weekend.

    Morning weigh-in: 160.2 lbs

    L2D1: 28 rounds

    I still haven’t seen any weight increase at all, should I be looking for one? I’m eating about 2000 calories a day, mainly protein and veggies, only a few carbs… I think my body looks better though.

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