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    A lot of these posts are about inches lost, or strength gained, or weight or chicks asking what on earth you’ve been up to lately and would you like to have a drink sometime… but here’s something different.

    I’ve been at this for about a month, currently at level 4, leveling up next week. I still can’t do a pullup, but I get closer every day (girls, especially tall ones, are at a disadvantage there). I’ve been lazy about my nutrition, and have gained two pounds. And yet (and this might be a girl thing)…

    My attitude towards my body and what it’s capable of is VASTLY different today than it was a month ago. So much of “women’s health” is focused on losing weight, losing inches, getting smaller, getting lighter. Simplefit is all about GAINING. Strength, stamina, muscle, awesomeness.

    So thanks, Simplefit. I’m not as hardcore as some of you guys on here. I don’t fight fires or crime, I’m not in the military… but I’m honored to be in the same program.


    You’ve hit on an important aspect of the training that I experienced as well. Just an overall general increased trust in what my body is capable of. Kind of like a “Wow, I’ve actually impressed myself with my progress.” I’ve noticed that doesn’t always accompany other sorts of training.



    I think what you’re also noticing is the effect of exercise on mood. Exercise has been shown to relieve mild depression and anxiety because it causes the release of endorphins in the body. I notice my mood and outlook improve noticeably when I’m exercising regularly.


    We’re glad it is helping, and thanks for joining us here. On a sidebar, I think your comments go right along with the body image question addressed in the new show on Lifetime, “How to Look Good Naked”. Women and their own body image is a big deal. Whatever can be done for ANYONE of either sex in improving the perception of what they look like and what they are capable of… well, that’s a plus in my book.


    I work in an industry (film/tv) that is extremely demanding and often unrealistic when it comes to what a body should look like. What kills me is that a woman with a body that looks like it could actually DO stuff (lift, carry, run, etc) is much more appealing than someone who might break in half if you look at her wrong.

    You’re right, ucffool, a lot of women have a distorted view of their own appearance… I think strength training goes a looong way towards correcting that body dysmorphia.

    splint and scumdogg, you make good points too… body image = anxiety about weight and blah blah, exercise = endorphins and pride, which cancels out the other crap. Love it!


    I say kudos, dammit. Life is nothing if it is not fully embraced and enjoyed. I think fitness is a greatly overlooked part of fully enjoying your life; that being said, enjoying good food and good times, I believe, is also important. I think making fitness part of a long-term (read: permanent) lifestyle change is much more healthy than the American ideal of quick results through drastic measures. Good for you, and keep it up. I’m honored to be getting fit and kicking ass with you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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