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    I’ve realized that I might make some faster progress with a few concrete goals, so here we go!



    273 pounds

    Chest- 50″

    Waist- 38″

    Not sure what my BMI is…

    Stage 1- 10 full pull-ups with proper form, 50 honest pushups, workout 6 times a week

    Current Status: I’ve got 3 pull ups with Crappy form, a good 35 honest pushups.

    Stage 2- Complete SimpleFit, begin to implement scaled CrossFit WODs

    By Year’s End- Start CrossFit in earnest.

    I am tired of being unhappy with the way I look, and I am tired of being unhappy with it imposing on my quality of life.

    The only thing standing in my way is myself.

    Here we go, 2008. Let’s dance!


    Hey buddy you can do it.. I just signed up to the site yesterday… and i’m 245 and 5 foot 7 w a large frame (My middle finger and thumb don’t touch at all) trying to get down to 185, i’ve not even been on here a full day, and there are great inspirational people on here. Don’t give up man… i’ll take the journey w/ you… “Electronically” lol I’m actually going to the gym right now… I”ll tell you how i do… first i gotta conquer 1 pull-up…



    Thanks dude. Been doing simple fit for about three months now, just got into the forums- really great people on here. Just put in your three days a week for a few weeks and watch how quickly things open up. You can do it, brother!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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