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    Hi guys. I’m going into my final year of High School, and i’ve finally decided to get my A into G.

    I have a pretty average weight, so the goal of this is to put on some muscle. Also, while I enjoy sports I am by no means fit, so getting my fitness level up is also a goal.

    I wasn’t sure which level to start at, so I started at level 1.

    I’m going to be doing Day 1 on Tuesdays, Day 2 on Thursdays and Day 3 on Saturdays.

    Day 1, Level 1 26/01/10

    Unfortunately I was forced to cut this session short. But I was able to complete 20 rounds in 10 minutes.

    Day 2, Level 1 28/01/10

    I completed 5 rounds in 2 minutes, 47 seconds. Beginning to wonder whether I should switch to a higher level. (Note, time does not include breaks)

    Day 3, Level 1 30/01/10

    Finished in 1 Min 39 Sec. So i’m definately moving up. Most of it was easy, but those pull ups / chin ups are brutal! I’d probably try level 3 if it weren’t for those pull ups.

    In order to help muscle recovery, i’m going to be drinking protein shakes. Is this a good idea?

    And also, what kind of warmups and cooldowns should I be doing before and after excercise?


    Also, a few more questions.

    Would it be a good idea to add situps to my workout? Perhaps equal in number to squats, as I find them quite easy.

    And also: Pull-ups vs. Chin-ups. Should I be using one or the other, or interchanging the two?


    shit, but u r full of questions!!!!

    firstly, welcome to SF, and by the looks of things, i think u’r already hooked!

    looking at u’r stats for L1, i think u should lvl up. 20 rounds in 10 mins for D1 and 1 min 39sec’s for D3 is way to easy. give L3 a try.

    as for bringing sit-ups into the routine – u’ve gotta make the call. although the SF routine doesn’t have sit-ups in it, u’r abs do get a workout – trust me! just be careful not to over train.

    pull-ups vs chin-ups – again, it’s u’r call. i cannot do pull-ups due to an injured tendon in my elbow. for some or other strange reason, i can do chin-ups with no pain, but as soon as i do a pull-up, my left elbow packs up, which is a pity, cause i consider pull-ups to be the real thing!!!

    interchanging the two is good – as they say “mix it up”


    Thanks for the info ^_^

    Pull ups are definately the hardest, no doubt about it. I do the other excercises without much trouble, but they’re the ones that get me. I’m going to try Level 3 starting tomorrow. But i’m expecting the pull ups to take me down.


    Day 1, Level 3

    Moved up to level 3 today. Completely knackered by the end of it.

    In 20 minutes, I did 27 rounds of:

    1 Pullup (Or 3 situps when I couldn’t do pullups)

    3 Pushups

    5 Squats

    1 Chinup

    Started to find the pullups too hard at around set 15. Alternated between the situps and pullups from then on.

    Have a killer headache now =(


    I have decided to replace my Day 2’s with going back to karate for the first time in three months (I was forced to quit for a while due to illness).

    And today I hurt…everywhere. But it was good fun, though I am questioning my ability to go for Day 3 on Monday. Might postpone it till i’ve recovered.


    Haven’t been finding the time to train lately, but I got in a 40 minute run today!


    Day 3, Level 3 today

    I forgot to time myself!

    There’s a good chance I was under 5 minutes, but I would rather stick to level 3 and get those damned pull ups right.

    On a side note, had a 20 minute run afterwards.



    I forgot to time myself!

    i know the feeling all too well – happened to me on my first D3L3 as well!!!

    frustrating to say the least.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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