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    I’m a 21 years old guy, 6’1″, weighing 75kg currently. I know I could use some more mass on me, but right now I just want to improve my conditioning for playing some sports (nothing serious, just for fun with some friends). If my abs would start showing just a bit, that would be awesome too. I’ve done a few months of body building type training earlier. But I think this is the right kind of training for me right now.

    Level 1 seems to be perfect for me currently:

    L1 D2: 6m02s

    L1 D3: 6m07s

    I started with D2 because I just wanted a short workout at that time. My D2 time includes all rest time. I only read later that I shouldn’t include it. In that case, how much time should I rest in between rounds?

    Currently, my bottleneck seems to be pullups. I spent almost 4 minutes of D3 on pullups, pushups were okay and squats were the easiest.

    One more question: If I did this 6 days a week, would that be too much? Or is it okay for say 2-3 weeks?

    Feel free to comment :)



    Welcome aksh. A few comments: Simplefit recommends you rest about 3 minutes in between D2 sets. That’s a bit much for me, I usually rest until I’m ready to start the next set, which is normally about 2 minutes.

    As for the pull-ups, don’t get discouraged. They were (and are) still the bottleneck for me too, but just in the first few weeks I did Simplefit I had surprising gains in the number/speed of the pull-ups I can do. Of course, I tend to mix pull-ups and chin-ups together more or less evenly, so that probably helps as well.


    I decided to stick with roughly 3 days a week. This week was real busy though, so I could only get in one workout so far.

    L1 D1: 32 rounds

    It sure was one hell of a workout.


    With that kind of result on Day 1, you will be levelling up soon!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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