Anyone use the door gym pullup bar?

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    I was looking at the door gym pull up bar, as I really don’t have anywhere to permanently mount a bar (at least that my wife will let me anyway 😉 ).

    How secure/stable are they? Also it looks like they put a lot of weight on the door trim. My door trim is made out of some cheapo wafer board stuff held on with small nails, it is definitely not going to hold my 210lbs. Is that full weight supposed to be held by the trim, or is there some other leverage action going on?



    I use one and have never had a problem. The ever last product looks good to and I think is less but never used it myself. you can find both in my amazon links.

    There are some pretty big dudes here using the door gym. You can also use it to do body rows if you are not up to pull ups yet.



    I read all the reviews and read what people here said about it and decided to order one. Unfortunately I can’t use it because it only fits over normal width doorways —- I live in a 100 year old house that has very thick walls and the door gym doesn’t quit fit. (althought I did force it into place when I got it and right in the middle of pull up #2 it let go and I went crashing to the floor knees first with it still in my hands — but don’t tell anyone! )


    That sucks but old means strong maybe you can put I bolts in your ceiling for rings. That is what I would do if my wife would not kill me 😳


    I use a door gym occasionally when I don’t feel like going to the gym or it’s too cold outside. I haven’t had any trouble but I live in a newer house and I use a doorway in the basement so my wife doesn’t yell at me. 😉

    Here are some homebrew examples if it helps you out:

    I imagine putting a free-standing pull-up station together wouldn’t be that difficult either. It doesn’t have to look pretty, just hold you up without tipping over. Some 2×4’s and lag bolts with section of pipe for the bar would do it. I’m sure there’s plan on the internet too.


    Great info Splint!

    Another option is to get some webbing from any REI or climbing store (it is cheap and can hold up a truck) and make a water knot around a beam or tree limb and put a piece of pipe or dowel through the loops

    make a loop out of your webbing like this

    and then girth hitch it to a piece of pipe or tree like this


    I use a door gym. It’s a bit of a cramp for me. I definitely can’t kip.

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