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    Hi everyone!

    Now that winter has hit, I’ve taken to doing jumprope as a cheap form of cardio in my apartment. However I’ve quickly learned that my squeaky paper thin hardwood floors really annoy the neighbour below me when I exercise this way.

    Does anyone have any advice on how I can reduce the noise / vibrations? A friend of mine has an exercise mat that he’s going to be able to give me in a few weeks that I’ll try out. But if that fails, does anyone have any other ideas I can do? Preferably some sort of removable solution (like a mat) which doesn’t require me to make alterations to the entire floor as I only intend to do this on one spot.

    Thanks a lot!


    Oh, I had this problem in my apartment as well. In fact, the thing I love most about my house is the no-squeak floors and the fact that I don’t have to worry about annoying the neighbors.

    It’ll be tough to eliminate the squeak, that’s what squeaky floors do. I put a throw rug down plus a mat and I went barefoot and the the floors still squeaked. I even tried squirting baby powder into the cracks in the floor around the squeaks. This is supposed to work if it’s the floorboards squeaking but doesn’t have much effect on squeaks emanating from the joists, as was my case.

    I ended up just bundling up and jumping rope outside in the courtyard.

    I know you rent but I did a lot things as a renter without permission. If it’s only one spot and one squeak you’re looking at you might try something like this: SqueakNoMore It’s basically a screw with a head you can snap off below the wood surface so nothing sticks out.


    You could ask if there’s a time of the day when the people below won’t be home so you can work out without them complaining.


    Maybe there is a part of the apartment that squeaks less, like near a wall or, if it is big enough, the bathroom. I would guess that the bathroom floor is a lot sturdier, and it is less likely to disturb someone. Do you have access to a storage room, laundry room, basement or attic?


    Invite your neighbors to join you.


    Thanks for the replies everyone. The squeaknomore screws look like a good idea, I just may try them out. I have noticed there are areas where it squeaks less, though usually they are near objects that would make it difficult to jump rope in, like the bathroom or kitchen. I think I might be able to though if I move one of my couches. If squeaking weren’t an issue, and it was just the impact noise that disturbs the neighbours downstairs, do you think just using the incoming mat will help?

    These are good ideas. The laundry room is huge and has a slate flooring in the basement, that would work perfectly for my needs. I’d just need to get over the odd stares I’d get for working out in the laundry room as people come down to use it.

    As for asking my neighbour if there is a good time of day to exercise, I’ve tried that but she thinks im trying to find out so I can break into her apartment when she’s not there. It’s sort of a bad area of town, but it’s cheap cheap to live here so I can’t complain.

    Thanks for the advice, it has been very helpful. :)

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