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    When you do pushups, squats, and pullups, you work the entire body, right? So, is it necessary to do situps or crunches for the abs and core?


    You will engage your abs a lot when you do pushups pullups and squats, people are often surprised at how sore their abs get when doing simplefit.

    You do not need to do crunches but it can hurt, also check out l-hang and plank.


    The thing about crunches, which seems to have been lost lately, is that they were developed to NOT train your core.

    This is so atleast according to Paul Wade’s book Convict Conditioning, which btw is a real good book that I can recommend anyone interested in body weight exercises to read.

    What he sais is that when bodybuilders started to pop steroids back in the sixties they were afraid of a syndrom called ‘roid gut’, which is caused from steroids not only making your muscles

    grow but also maings your inner organs grow freakishly large.

    Here’s an example picture showing what it might look like, or just try googling it if the link doesn’t work:

    To avoid this they shied away from any exercise that could possibly add any extra girth to their core, and thus any functional ones, and instead started doing crunches just to

    that only toned in a little extra definition on their six pack without adding any real core strength.

    That said you might think they sound good if its definition your after, remember that visible abs are mostly about diet and not training.

    Ones you get your carbs in check and drop a little body fat you will see that your unintentional core work from general exercising will give you definiton enough to be proud of at the beach.


    Thanks for your replies. I never really liked crunches. I preferred situps and leg raises, but they started bothering my back. I think I will just stick to Simplefit’s exercises of pushups, pullups, and squats. Thanks again.


    I totally agree with Kevin that crunches etc. aren’t necessary if you are tensing your abs properly while doing pushups, squats, and pullups. I always found that pushups especially worked my abs if I thought of them as a “moveable plank” and kept them tight the entire time. On a side note, if you’re back is sore after crunches or leg raises perhaps your range of motion is wrong (i.e. rolling through too far) or perhaps you should use a soft surface like a towel or a yoga matt. In the future you may want to through in some extra ab work, depending on what your goals are, so this might help.

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