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    Hey guys, was hoping you might be able to help me out.

    For those of you that haven’t followed my thread, I have lost 28-30lbs so far, going from just under 200 to around the 170 mark (i’m 6’0″ tall). However, I still find myself carrying a lot of fat, the dreaded “skinny fat”. I also have terrible posture, my hips tilt forwards, my back and shoulders are rounded and my neck stick forwards.

    My long term goal is to improve posture, improve my body shape and to generally look and feel fitter.

    So, I have a number of things I am doing but I’m not sure if I am degrading the benefit of one thing by doing the other.

    a) Simplefit

    b) Additional workouts to help posture – external rotations and bent over rows to build upper/middle back and lots and lots of chest stretching to help rounded shoulders. Lots of deep hamstring stretching to balance against simplefit squats to help align hips.

    c) Cardio – skipping, swimming and football (soccer)

    d) Still following a diet routine of 1500-1600kcal per day.

    I know the basics, reduce calorie intake lower than expenditure to lose weight.; raise calorie intake above expenditure and lift heavy weights to bulk up.

    But what should I do? Should I maybe take the diet out of the equation for now? Go back to normal eating? Should I reduce the cardio? Or do I still continue to cut, concentrating on the cardio and diet and just do the simplefit and additional bodyweight exercises to help and build a little muscle?

    Thanks in advance for all your advice


    Hi. I’m new to the boards, so I haven’t followed your thread, but I’d definitely be interested in reading it. Congrats on losing 30 pounds. That’s a pretty amazing achievement. I’m a classic skinny fat type of person. My advice, and definitely get some other opinions on this, is that you should eat more, not less. The reason for this is that at 1500-1600kCal/day, which is well below the maintenance requirement for a person of your size, your body is reacting as if you are being starved. This will cause you to lose a lot of fat in the beginning, but eventually your body will start to defend those last fat stores as it believes they may be necessary to keep you alive. That being said, if you are going to eat more, you need to eat the right things and not go out of control.

    I would check out any of the diets out there that are designed to equalize blood sugar levels (zone, paleo, south beach, eating for life,…). They are designed to allow you to consume more calories without transporting those calories to fat by controlling insulin response. More calories will convince your body that you are not starving and it will let go of that last bit of fat. If you do these diets right, the extra calories will NOT go to fat, but to muscle / increased energy.

    There will be lots of debate about which of those diets are best. In my opinion, you can pretty much ignore them. They all do the same thing. Control the insulin response by limiting “bad” carbs and eating frequently to keep you blood sugar levels constant. There is a lot of good science that supports not limiting your calories to severely if you want to lose that last bit of weight. Just pick one, stick with it for a month, and I think you will be happy with the results.

    I would say your workout routine is just fine and not the area you need to make improvements in.


    One other thing I would add besides the eating is the need for some hardcore strength exercises. Primarily Isometric holds or maybe weighted calisthenics if you want to keep it bodyweightish.

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