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    Workout Summary

    Week 13 (since starting Simplefit) starting 2 Sept

    Mon 53 bodyrows in 5 min, 100 squats in 5 min, 5X10 pushups to desk

    Tue 45 min DDR

    Wed 5×5 pushups, bodyrows, one legged squats & planks, DDR inbetween

    Fri 30 bodyrows 45°, 63 pushups to knee height, 21 squats 10.40min 3×5 rollups

    Sat tabata runs

    Week14 (9 Sept)

    Tue L1D1 3 jumping pullups, 6 pushups to desk, 3 squats 30 rounds

    Wed 2 x 20mins DDR, 1 Mile walk

    Thur 5x pushups, bodyrows, one legged squats, planks, DDR + 30m walk

    Week 15 (16 Sept) Rest Week

    mostly out with sore arm some walking etc

    Thur some light GTG every hour

    Fri D2 style workout

    Sat 30mins DDR

    Week 16 (23 Sept) GTG

    Mon D2 style workout with DDR

    Tue 3 x 2 pavell’s ladders pushups (subs) 3 x DDR sparks, 10 min abs

    Wed 2 pushup ladders, 15 mins DDR, 10 min leg workout

    Thur 3 x 2 pushup ladders, 3 x DDR sparks, 10 min stability ball abs

    Fri 3 x 2 pushup ladders, 2 x 15min DDR, 1 Mile walk, 10 min legs

    Sat 3 lots of pushup ladders, 2 x 20 min DDR, 30 min stretching


    Ok its been about 6 weeks since I tried the 5 min bodyrow challenge so I thought I’d give it another shot.

    8,6,5 ,5,5, 5,4, 4,3,3,5, Total of 53 up 8 from last time. Actually I think I may have set my rings lower than last time too, about 45° is as high as they will go but my straps have stretched quite a bit.

    Then onto 5 mins of squats

    20, 20, 20, 20, 20 total 100 – I confess I did 20 then rested the minute out knowing I would acheive my goal of 100 but by the end I think I probably did the right thing I was dying and couldn’t have squeezed another one out! I did 81 last attempt.

    Then 50 pushups to desk just to round things out.

    I was considering tabata sprints too but my legs are shot so that will have to wait – hopefully tomorrow.


    Great workout!

    Congrats on your progress :)


    Great progress Bec!


    5 rounds of

    5 x bodyrows at 45°

    5 x pushups (knees)

    5 x 1 legged squats each leg

    planks about 20 sec

    DDR in between rounds.

    Wow I still feel wiped after Monday’s squats, my legs are still quite stiff and sore! For some reason today’s planks were harder than usual too.


    great stuff, keep it up!


    I must try this DDR stuff!



    30 bodyrows at 45°

    63 pushups hands at knee height

    21 squats

    in 10 mins 40 sec

    Finished off with 3 sets of 5 pilates rollups – didn’t have the arm strength for planks after today.

    Felt tough today and I thought I did worse than last week but when I looked back I did it in 13.32mins last week so I actually did quite well 😯 Yay me 😆


    PS. Yes do try DDR if you get the chance VBM. Its lots of fun and you get to work up a sweat as well! Once you get somewhat proficient at it you can make a good interval workout out of it by alternating harder/faster songs with more moderate ones.


    Back in the day, my wife and I used to dance for hours (swing and country/western) and I did not feel like I was getting any exercise, but I know I was. I have also been good and sore after a concert. I am sure this would be fun for my wife and me.


    Dancing at our house is always more of a comedy routine than a workout routine! I’ve got no style and my wife has no rhythm.


    I gave my wife dancing lessons for her birthday, once. I just wanted to stress the ‘once’. It has never happened again.

    I can still shuffle along to a good belly rubbin’ song, but it’s a little different with a steadily shrinking belly! NOT complaining at all, mind you.


    Hosedragger scratches his head, cuz he’s a little slooww.

    I’m assuming DDR has something to do with dancing, but what does it stand for?

    You’re making great progress, Bec, keep it up!


    Hi Hosedragger (think I’ve been calling you horsedragger, sorry!)

    DDR stands for Dance Dance Revolution. I have the playstation version. You have about a metre square mat with 4 directional arrows on it and as arrows scroll up your TV screen you have to hit the corresponding arrows with your feet as they reach the top (in time with the music). They get faster and more complicated as you improve, also lots of jumping involved. Not really dancing but then again its somewhat like it 😆

    I have no style and no rhythm and its definitely not pretty to watch but I do have fun, besides in the privacy of my lounge room 70 km from the nearest town, who is going to know 😉 Plus the kids like it too, I wouldn’t have a playstation in the house until this came along.


    Tabata runs (sounds like a bad case of diarreah! I don’t feel they qualified as sprints though 😆 )

    Again took a break at the 1/2 way mark but this time I didn’t go quite so flat out for the first few intervals and that way I was more consistant through all 8 intervals instead of nearly dying for the last couple.

    I walked up to a softer stretch of road and then did my four intervals then walked back to my starting point and did it all again. Took me four mintues to walk back but I was fairly dawdling.

    Now fingers crossed I don’t get 4 days of extreme DOMS like I did last week 😯

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