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    Gaz E

    Hi there,I’ve been away for a while but back now and doing purely simplefit.

    I have been mixing up my workouts but still including the bread and butter of pull ups,push ups and squats. But I was adding kettlebell and weights too.

    It lacked structure so I’m back on Level 3 after completing “Judgement” in 4.45 mins today on Level 2..

    I notice that there are familiar names still here,particularly Volleyball man and cheapo,both of you still making incredible progress judging by your pictures!

    Can I ask you both,do you do simplefit ONLY to get physiques like that?

    I’ll be doing cardio on non simplefit days myself.

    Thanks and regards



    I do a little more than SF (hockey 2× week in the winter), but I think the bulk of my progress is built on diet and SF. I find the SF workouts very challenging and I usually work hard at them. (Occasionally, I’ll be too tired to really push it, but usually I go hard.)

    My diet is fairly primal.


    I Zone diet. I crossfit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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