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    tats 22/02/2012:


    Age: 37

    Height: 5’7″

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Waist: 37 1/2 inches.

    Current stats:

    04/02/2012 Monday Morning Weigh & Tape:

    Age: 38

    Height: 5’7″

    Weight: 184.8

    neck: 15

    chest: 42

    waist: 36

    hips: 38

    thighs: 22/22

    arms: 13/13.5 yes my right arm is .5 inches bigger than left

    Background: back in the late 90’s I was in the military and in tip-top shape. Since then, I have married, graduated college, got a nice lazy job sitting behind a desk, and had 2 lovely children. Somehow I thought I could still eat the same as before while not being as active. So, I gained a lot of weight. I ballooned up to 210 lbs. Over the last 3/4 year, I have been eating better and losing some weight, but got stuck at around 190 lbs. for about the last 6 months. So I decided to start simplefit on Feb. 22, 2012 to drop the weight and this will be my progress log. I will weigh & tape every monday. And at the beginning of every month, I will post photo’s. I had been putting this in my workout log, but this is the proper place for it and I will keep it up in here from now on.

    1 march photo


    2 April photo


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