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    First, after spending some time trying to find exercise related information on the ‘net, what a refreshing surprise this site was! No fantastic marketing pitch pushing a training plan I have to buy NOW because there are only 300 left! Just great ideas and information…

    Anyway, I’m a reasonably active 26 year old male. I’ve been cycle commuting for a couple of months now and it got me more interested in exercise, primarily I’d like to get stronger (my personal goal is to do a handstand push-up) and fitter (primarily for cycling).

    So I’m going to start following simplefit for a while, because I think the structure and stuff will help. I have some questions though…

    – is the idea to really drive yourself into the ground on the workouts? I’ve read a bit about crossfit and exercising until you puke etc. While I don’t doubt its effective I can’t believe its that good for you in the long term… Do people still see the effective results working at a more ‘normal’ level?

    – how much other stuff can you get away with doing while following the program? Is it safe to do cardio on the off days for example. I cycle commute 12 miles round trip 3/4 days a week, and usually at least twice a week I like to push it hard enough that I feel it in my legs the next day. Is this still OK or should I ease up on the cycling? Also I started getting into indoor rowing – would it be safe to push that, either intervals or longer distances on the off days from the simplefit program (instead of not as well as the cycling)? What about weights? Not needed at all on this, or an occasional blast of big weighted compound exercises could be worth it?

    Thing is this takes a pretty short time, and since i’ve now returned to further education I actually have quite a bit more time available for exercise activities… The cycling has to stay for transport but I can tone it down – I would really like to keep up some rowing though. I was planning to follow this plan (link below), but it seems pretty heavy so I wanted to take a few months to build up some strength and muscle first (I’m a bit scrawny).

    Do you think it could fit in with simplefit?

    Any advice greatfully received… Looking forward to starting actually – but I wore myself out already this morning trying various different press-ups from other sites before I found this!




    Welcome Robin!

    I’m no expert and I’m sure Kevin and others will chime in here but I would think your training plan for cardio would fit in ok with the simplefit workouts as you are already reasonably fit.

    Some of us do cardio along with these workouts, I’d say just listen to your body and be wary of signs of overtraining. The only problem I can see is if you are doing this with rowing it might not be giving your back muscles enough recovery time.

    You could always just do 2 days of the cardio or alternate between the rower and bike or maybe even doing them on the same day as your simplefit workouts and allowing that full day of rest inbetween might work better.

    Hah, that really didn’t help much did it. :D





    I just went back and looked at that link again and realised that its 6 days a week not 3 😳 Thats a lot of cardio, I look forward to hearing the advice others give you.

    I’m guessing you are going to have to experiement a bit and see what works for you and what your body can handle.


    This is some good info

    aussiechick “listen to your body” great advice.


    Simplefit is not about driving yourself into the ground. It is suggested to stay under failure. Simplefit is all about finding your limits, working within them, and growing steadily while giving your body some time to recover.

    I wouldn’t recommend that much cardio, but only you can make that call. I’ll say this, simplefit gives your muscles quite a workout, but biking/walking/running usually fits in fine.


    Right, easy does it. People all to often push to hard and burn out or get injured. Like Andy says find your limits and work within them and they will expand. Intensity is key but don’t overdo it.


    Thanks very much for your replies…

    In fact after reading the forum here a bit more (after I posted) I started to get the message – you just have to try it, see how you feel and listen to your body.

    I’m just waiting for my door gym to arrive so I can start the program properly. I guess I will do cardio on the off days, and maybe weights at the gym once a week depending on how I feel…

    Thanks again,


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