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    I’m not sure I understand the levels of SimpleFit. I ditched weightlifting in favor of bodyweight exercises about a year ago, so I already had a decent foundation on which to begin. Therefore I started SimpleFit at Level 3. Let me note that I added in some overhead presses with two 25# plates to each day’s rounds.

    Level 3, day 1: I exercised almost continuously, getting about 25 rounds in.

    Level 3, day 2: I forgot to wait 3 minutes between each round, but I was still able to exercise almost continuously, getting the 5 rounds done in about 7 minutes.

    Level 3, day 3: Here’s the rub! I couldn’t get 16 pullups in one set, nor 33 pushups in one set. Total time for 1 round was about 4.5 minutes including rests. (In case you want more detail to understand where I’m at, the 16 pullups went like this: 8, 4, 2, 2, resting about 10-20 seconds between. Similar pattern for the pushups.)

    Should I stay at Level 3 until I can knock out 16 pullups at once and 33 pushups at once, or should I proceed to Level 4? Perhaps I should drop down to Level 2 or 1 until I can do their respective ‘1 round for time’ workouts?

    I guess it’s no problem if I do, say, Level 4 day 1, Level 4 day 2, then Level 2 day 3. But I’m wondering if my lagging behind on day 3 is indicative of any imbalance in my training, and if so, if it needs addressing or if it will ‘work itself out’ (har har).


    Breaking the sets is fine as long as you finish all the work in 5 min or less and that is just a guideline, feel free to adjust to what suits you.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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